Friday, June 13, 2008

After The Fall

Regarding the US war on Iraq I often comes across comments like this: "The utter collapse of any country that invades another nation and slaughters children would be a good thing."

I see similar sentiments on all the "progressive" sites, regarding most everything the US does.

Hoping for a collapse of the "homeland" - it's a polite way of saying "Goddam America" - for being greedy white imperialists. The folks behind such statements consider themselves intelligent, caring, rational, righteously anger over injustice, the torch carriers for social justice.

But, have these folks seriously thought about a US collapse? What would be the likely scenario at home and abroad if there is an "utter collapse" of the US? A collapse that would encompass the social, economic, and political.

I can't think of a better way than "utter collapse" to install totalitarian rule of the masses, and by the way, Americans have a lot further to fall than the Soviets, and the US will bring many other countries/regions down with it; unlike the USSR which had very little foreign investment at the time of its collapse.

What do progressives think will rise from the ashes of a US collapse? That a new and improved government will provide folks with the minimum of food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and little else? My great, great, great grandfather furnished the same to his slaves.

And I have no doubt that these self-same righteous progressives, under a collapsed US, would demand shoot-to-kill troop protection when folks from the 'hood breach their gated communities for essentials.

Makes ya wonder Bubba who the "left/progressives" are really working for.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you are so spot-on. Great commentary. We are screwed either way. I personally think the 'collapse' will be very slow, measured in years not months. It's going to get ugly.

Kate-A said...

I agree with you that the "collapse" will be very slow. I believe it began ernestly in the late '70s.

The Misery Index at the end of Carter's presidency was almost 22%. Currently it is at 8.94%.

The '70s were much, much worse economically for Joe Blow. The cost of living, fuel prices, etc., although there was still a decent manufacturing job base - not so today.

Yes, it's going to get much uglier, but done so slowly and insidiously that the younger folks won't notice the pain.

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