Friday, June 27, 2008

Southside Bling

Last year in the Chicago Tribune Obama believed the D.C. handgun law was constitutional. Chicago has the same or similar law, although Chicago, particularly the southside, is less safe today than it was before the 1982 ban, which makes it illegal to possess or sell handguns in the city. (I have a lot of outlaw in-laws in Chicago.)

Chicago had nine people killed in 36 shootings during one weekend this spring and 27 students have been killed by gunfire since last September. The city had to deploy SWAT teams earlier than usual to some of the most violent 'hoods. It's something the department normally does during the summer after Memorial Day.

Mayor Daley and new police superintendent Jody Weis have plans to arm Chicago's finest with semi-automatic M4 carbines. Kaching kaching.

Building a third world police force - one municipality at a time. It's "progressive."

Geese Bubba - good thing the southside had Obama's 2 decades as "activist and organizer" and as state senator representing a southside district, along with his good friend and mentor Reverend Wright, of the Blame Whitey First Church of Victimhood.

Bling, bling, it ain't you fault, the guvmint made you a criminal.

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