Sunday, June 29, 2008

Scrubadub Bub

In February, the American press picked up on the possible Obama-Auchi connection. The key–and widely known–allegation is that there is a cash trail between and Auchi and Obama, via the notorious slum landlord Tony Rezko. It is understood that Auchi wired $3.5 million to Rezko, who in turn gave $625, 000 to the Obamas so they could buy a mock Georgian house on Chicago’s south side.

There is of course no evidence that Obama did anything wrong or illegal. Still, the candidate’s association with Rezko, who is still on trial for 16 counts of corruption, and Auchi, who was given a 15-month suspended sentence for his part in the French Elf Scandal, could have severely damaged his campaign. As it was, the story lost its legs, in part because–in the words of Private Eye–Auchi’s lawyers had “scrubbed the web of newspaper reports which displeased their master”.

For example, the Observer, fearing a libel suit, pulled down a series of articles on Auchi printed in 2003, which some U.S. bloggers had started to notice. The reports described how the arms and oil tycoon, who left Iraq in 1979, had kept close enough ties with Saddam’s regime to help with the sale of Italian Frigates to the Iraqi Defense Ministry. One report noted how Auchi collected politicians “the way other men collect stamps” .

---- In September 2005 Auchi hired hands easily had scrub KAB posts regarding Auchi, after his attorneys Carter/Ruck threatened to sue me and demanded a public apology - hahaha. Screw you Mr. Big. At that time I felt the Auchi crew were most upset regarding my claim to a Panama connection, which Auchi adamantly denied anything to do in Panama.

But lo and behold Bubba - recently it's been reported ... Auchi " ... as it is alleged, lent money via a Panama company, Fintrade Services -- of which his wife, Ibtisam Auchi, is said to be a director -- to a freshmen U. S. senator from Illinois just a few months after he is sworn in as a very junior member of what was then a Democratic minority.

Anyhoooo ... just a reminder of one of the international thugs who has added your hope and change artist Obama, to his collections of pols.

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Bubba like to have fun.

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