Monday, June 09, 2008

Progressing Right Along

I have spent the last couple of months reading, sometimes arguing, with "progressives/leftists" on various on-line sites. Here's only a small sampling of what I find.

I have argued with professors, "scholars," over the politics of Latin America, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. Professors (glorified propagandists) who will support any and all leftists, Chavez, Correa, Morales, Castro, FARC, etc., south of the border because America's progressive "left" has always done so, without letting facts get in the way.

Although please note, a US equivalent to these socialist firebrands has never arisen on American soil - well there was Eugene Debs but nobody wears his mug on a T-shirt. Where is the American Che? Who will lead the oppressed Americans to freedom? Dennis Kucinich? No, he and Ms. Elizabeth ran back to Ohio to save his senate seat after yet another brief spit and run at the presidency.

Is it Ralph Nader who would lead the American masses to socialist freedom? No, Ralph is more akin to the fetishy Howard Hughes than the sexy martyred Che. Nader, an old and apparently asexual oddball, father of the creaking multi-billion dollar fail-to-do-their job bureaucracies - the EPA and OSHA. Thousands of federal employees thank you Ralph.

More than one of these "highly respected scholars" rebutted my comments on-line respectably - but emailed me something else, proving they knew shorter 4-letter words and how to use them. Proof also that they consider my opinion as having no value and themselves so vaunted they can privately be nasty to me, a nobody. How smart are they, as I do save emails. :) Dumbed down from believing their own book jacket blurbs.

One black prof was trying publicly to be polite regarding my comments that 90% of black America's problems are self-inflicted, i.e. drugs, promiscuity, uneducated, lack of family unity. Publicly he remarked my stance was more in tune to the "blame the victim" ranting of Bill Cosby. Privately he told me I was mouthing that crazy Nation of Islam self-sufficiency Malcolm X bullshit. Obviously he would not want NOI to know how he really feels about their creed - he has publicly never spoken an ill word against NOI or Minister Farrakhan, and publicly says Malcolm came to be more like MLK (especially after the professor saw Oliver Stone's movie X - his higher education, what can I say).

Another time, engaged in a discussion about Cuba's medical care and the fact that decades ago when our 2-year-old daughter was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer I had checked out Cuba's treatments and was not impressed. I was accused of being a "rich America" who could afford to search for the best health care. Bubba, I guess "rich" and progressive is only okay when you are Albert Gore or George Soros. And in the words of another and newer American Wright "left" hero "god damn me" for trying to save my daughter while millions of Americans have no medical coverage. I tell you Bubba, sometimes progressives are heartless.

In a discussion on an article regarding same sex marriage by a gay professor, a poster commented he believed the age of sexual consent should be 12 - that Americans are too sexually uptight and/or oppressive. Excuse me, but that's known as pedophilia - which the "right" tries to connect to homosexuality. Of course, gays are not looking for Che or socialism - but social acceptance and recognition that they are "normal." And of course, when I commented I considered transgender, transsexual, transvestites, homosexuality as an "alternative" with the rights to choose, but not "normal" - I was a bigot. Well excuuuuuse me for thinking straight.

Another time, a "respected" author wrote of a US sniper in Iraq shooting a child while in her father's car. It was the typical "troops as baby killers" commentary but written with more hyperbole than a cheap formula novel. I thought it disrespected the victim as the author was using the tragedy for nothing more than to further his own career as "anti-war" warrior. He portrayed the shooting as intentional and calculated without any facts. When I commented as such I was told to eff-off and others commented that all US troops are murderers, that a "few bad apples" is Pentagon bullshit.

Well, excuse me, but if you happen to be a consumer in the US you are just as guilty of pulling the trigger as any troop. And, how progressive is it to blanket condemn a couple of million because they're in uniform? Progressives do not "support the troops" - they just don't have the balls to admit it. They have no respect for anything in a uniform (remember, they prefer mugged T shirts). Progressives will purge the troops once the "left" saves the world and forces peace on 6+ billion of us. They cannot save their own families, neighborhoods, towns, cities, or country - but by god they're gonna save the world.

Another time, and often seen on "progressive" dissident sites, the topic is blaming Zionists/Neocons. Isn't it convenient to have a name for that goat(s) to stake to the post? The talking point is the wars in the Middle East are not about oil! but war for Israel. Some day, when Americans "wake up" they will rid themselves of Zionist/Neocon influence and live happily ever after. Jews and Gentiles and Republicans and Democrats - will just all get along (and save the world).

I found progressives/leftists who preached the gospel of peak oil, peak food, peak water, and climate change. There are just as many qualified folks who will tell you it's not peak anything - I'll go with those folks. We are trashing the planet - not destroying it. Peaking is for profiteers and if you haven't connected those dots .... sigh ... yep Bubba, can't blame mother nature for running out of oil, food, water, and climate change cannot be blamed on the Zionists/Neocons - you have only your wasteful greedy self to blame for that and you will pay and suffer for it, the lords of the environment say so from their private jets and villas.

Some "progressive" sites have argued against both political parties. Good idea, spot the corruption on both sides - work for something better. But better, according to progressive definition, is usually Kucinich, Nader, or Ron Paul. And now that those lifelong embedded party clowns have left the arena on their cycles - 99% of "progressives" are supporting Obama and/or the Hillary. Huh?

Yep, politics as usual Bubba. Baa baa baa. Progressives will drown in a sea of their own politically correct hypocrisy.

Sometimes, I think the "progressive left" has pushed me so far that I'm coming around to the right.

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