Thursday, June 12, 2008

Political Vermin

There's a lot of nitpicking of candidate comments and very little on issues that matter. Whether it's Michelle Obama's "first time" of being proud of her country or John McCain's "constitution" comment.

The only time in my adult life I recall feeling extremely proud of America was the first space shuttle launch and landing in 1981. Astronauts would now land on an airstrip as opposed to being dumped in the ocean in capsules. Michelle's pride is more of a personal nature about hope making a comeback with the cheering masses - mine was pride in generic American effort and accomplishment.

Robert Parry/Smirking Chimp: During a political talk in Philadelphia, McCain claimed that Obama had described “bitter” small-town voters as clinging to religion or “the Constitution” – when the second item in Obama’s comment actually was “guns.”

Either Parry is a pinhead or he believes his readers are pinheads. We know, don't we, that McCain's substituting "Constitution" for guns was referring to the right to bear arms, and pure political rhetoric. Par for the course. SOP of politics.

If you think about it for a moment or two - Obama's remark about frustrated white folks who "... get bitter ... cling to guns or religion ..." is contemptuous of gun owners (unless its Secret Service). And Obama should be the last one to sneer at religion as he laid the foundation of his political career "clinging" to Reverend Wright's Church of Black Folks Angry at Rich White Men.

Robert Parry: In other words, McCain didn’t just make a slip of the tongue. He willfully accused Obama of disparaging the U.S. Constitution, a very serious point that, if true, might cause millions of Americans to reject Obama’s candidacy.

Yep Bubba, Parry believes millions of American pinheads might reject Obama because of a willfully disparaging comment from McCain. The "very serious point" me thinks is at the top of Parry's pin/pen head.

It's been gays, guns, gods, and abortion every 4 years, although almost nil has changed legislatively on any of these issues in decades. And any changes made are usually to the "left" not "right." Those are the 4 safe political issues because both parties know they will never stop, outlaw, or ban any of them - nor do they want to.

I expect meaningless election comment dissection from shills like Coulter, O'Reilly, and Limbaugh - but nitpicking is equally prevalent from the left/progressives. When the last American job is shipped to Mexico, China, or India, and the unwashed voters in the bread lines are swooning over the latest big screen chiseling tinpot - our two-bit political pundits will still be focusing on the little nits.

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