Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Assets To Kiss

Hugo Chavez today will present constitutional reform - proposing sweeping changes which include "the need to do away with presidential term limits that currently prevent him from seeking re-election in 2012."

------Hugo has been prez since 1998. Imagine the outrage if Bush attempted a constitutional reform to allow him to run for life. I can't wait to hear the "left" justification of Hugo's power play. Ever wonder why Chavez was pardoned after only a couple of years in prison for his 1992 failed coup attempt against then President Carlos Andrés Pérez?

Caracas - World oil prices are headed for US$100 ($133) a barrel, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez predicted yesterday, and said he would cut supplies to the United States if the US Government "attacks" the South American nation again.

"I've always said that oil prices are headed straight to US$100 per barrel," he said during a televised speech. "We should prepare ourselves for those prices."

------For sure it will hit $100/barrel – as soon as the US limps home from Iraq or "attacks" Venezuela - Hugo has gotta love BushCo, and vice versa as Hugo helps prod the sheople even further into the new world of economic socialism – you know, where beloved State corportocracies own and administer and determine all things the people need.

Yessiree, sometimes ruling class assets are who you least expect Bubba.


capitalist pig not said...

may chavez be president for a long time. he is good for the people. the elite are monsters.

lord bless chavez

bush can return to broke back mtn with his little karli

Kate-A said...

Staking all on in one man/woman never seems to work well for people. Surely there are other Venezuelans who could and would continue Hugo's programs, and he could serve Venezuelans through other channels in government.

Chavez is now the "elite" - how long before he becomes a monster.

Chavez has an opportunity to build something more than a lifetime job for himself.

But, you missed other points of the post, probably happened when your knee jerked.

If Hugo rules indefinitely, there will be cell phones and teevees in every shanty. And free Zoloft.

If he cannot hand power to a successor he will never hand it to the people. When Bush leaves another monster member of the US partyarchy will replace him.

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