Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Moonie's Hispanarabs

Islamic extremists embedded in the United States — posing as Hispanic nationals — are partnering with violent Mexican drug gangs to finance terror networks in the Middle East, according to a Drug Enforcement Administration report.

The 2005 report outlines an ongoing scheme in which multiple Middle Eastern drug-trafficking and terrorist cells operating in the U.S. fund terror networks overseas, aided by established Mexican cartels with highly sophisticated trafficking routes.

These terrorist groups, or sleeper cells, include people who speak Arabic, Spanish and Hebrew and, for the most part, arouse no suspicion in their communities.

"It is very likely that any future 'September 11th' type of terrorist event in the United States may be facilitated, wittingly or unwittingly, by drug traffickers operating on both sides of the United States-Mexico border," the DEA report says.

Rep. Ed Royce of California, ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs terrorism and nonproliferation subcommittee, said the DEA document substantiates information that his committee has been given in the past year.

"Hearings I held in Laredo [Texas] last year and this DEA report show that our southern border is a terrorist risk," Mr. Royce said. "Law enforcement has warned that people from Arab countries have crossed the border and adopted Hispanic surnames. The drug cartels have highly sophisticated smuggling and money-laundering networks, which terrorists could access."

Lending credence to Mr. Brown's concern, an El Paso, Texas, law-enforcement report documents the influx of "approximately 20 Arab persons a week utilizing the Travis County Court in Austin to change their names and driver's licenses from Arabic to Hispanic surnames."

------Ah, reminds me of the 2002 superbowl ads : "Where do terrorists get their money?" asks one of the ads, as a terrorist buys explosives, weapons and fake passports. "If you buy drugs, some of it might come from you." (Surely crackheads and stoners around the nation now feel guilty with each fix.)

Two 30 second ads for $180 million, funded by the President's Office of National Drug Control Policy (you), created by New York advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather. A profitable minute for someone.

Remember, there is no truth to the fact that the multi-billion dollar illicit drug trade is owned and operated by intel agencies at the behest of the world's ruling class. Governments and bankers are innocent too.

It's all the work of a handful of non-American cartel kingpins and thousands of Tyrones and Josés on the corner; mega tonnage drugs are smuggled into the country through miles of tunnels, or belly balloons, hubcaps, dirty diapers and small boats – sophisticated routes. Only foreign terrorists and violent inner city gangs get rich from the drug trade.

And now? Beware – the influxing Mexican José mowing your lawn may actually be sleeper Mohamed, buyer of bombs (after a sneaky county court name change).

Aren't we about due for our once a year major bust (market price manipulation) and once a decade kingpin arrest (no longer useful honcho, i.e. Escobar, Noriega, Arellano Felix)?


Carlos said...

Interesting post, though I was wondering if you were aware of more up to date sources or info than the report you quoted? Cooperation between narcs and terrorists is something that already happened in Colombia, though there are those who say is not the terrorists (such as FARC) but the para-military, who fund their activities with drug trafficking. Don't know if either one (or the two) is/are right.

Kate-A said...

I remember when Reagan stated the Sandinistas obtained part of their funding from drug trafficking which was untrue as the CIA/Panama had that route down tight.

I remember when the US government/CIA expanded poppy fields in Afghanistan in the '80s to fund bin Laden's fight against the Soviets.

If groups such as FARC were cooperating on any sizable scale with drug cartels FARC would have won long ago.

I was being facetious, how "terrorists" and "gangs" and "cartels" always seem to be brown and/or foreign. Never seem to find any Anglo threats, kingpins or terrorists.

And no one ever follows the money any further than the frontman of the cartel. Guys like Escobar, Noriega, etc. are middle men.

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