Monday, August 13, 2007

Shop 'N Drop

Spotted on WhatReallyHappened, from Guardian columnist: Military families live in dread, while the rest of America is busy shopping.


"On Friday the president's new war adviser, Lieutenant General Douglas Lute, said it was time to think about restoring the draft.

There is gruesome irony in the fact that such a possibility should come from an administration headed by a president who dodged the draft and a vice-president who "had other priorities" than serving in Vietnam. But American conservatives have a curious inability to put their children where their mouth is when it comes to the war. All of the main Republican contenders back it; none of their children are in it."

------But, that last sentence is not quite true.

John "the war backer" McCain has 2 military sons. James McCain reported July 2006 to Camp Pendleton and son Jack was a freshman last year at the Naval Academy. So I guess at least one conservative put his children where his mouth is. We can only hope that they "serve their country" in the Middle East and not a DC desk job or WH duty. Or, a la Romney Boys - serving the country in daddy's Winnebago.

Nor do I see "liberal" politicians rushing to enlist their children, or any of the dem front runners, all cowards who kept their mouths shut during Bush's first term as the "war president" - everyone of them supporting war on Afghanistan; pretending they didn't know the US was headed for Baghdad. A seemingly curious inability of liberal / progressive pols to use a little foresight.

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