Friday, August 10, 2007

Lavender Bob Rough Pants

From BuzzFlash Hypocrite of the week. Bob Allen the Florida Republican who offered an undercover cop a twenty dollar blowjob.

"Allen is now claiming it was his fear of black men in the area that made him offer to pay a couple of ten spots to blow someone. As Jon Stewart said (and we are paraphrasing here) of Allen's "excuse": "I thought if I had a c*ck in my mouth, the black men wouldn't hit me."

Allen's excuse of blaming "the black man" follows the basic subtext of most Republican "underground" racism. If it's not blame the blacks and Mexicans in the U.S., it's blame the swarthy Arabs in Iraq and the Persians in Iran.

Instead of facing the darkness in their own tortured souls, too many Republicans blame dark people for their own sordid perversions."

-----Hmmm, speaking of hypocrisy … Bob's a hypocrite because he pushed legislation to tighten laws against public sex, lewdness, indecency while indulging himself in public sex, lewdness, and indecency.

But Buzz brand of "progressive" "liberal" or whatever, says the dark soul of Bob Allen, has "sordid perversions" …

So … a male adult propositioning a male adult in a bathroom is a perversion?

Gurl, since when do progressives not defend consenting adults as an "alternative lifestyle" ? Or does that apply only to gays such as Rosie and Barney Frank?

I would expect Bob the Blower, with his career publicly in the toilet, to grab at every justification his weak mind could find. His excuse of "black men would hit me" isn't underground racism – it says Bob prefers a little rough trade activity; wishful thinking if you will. The ol' beat me hurt me prove you love me sex.

But, I'm shocked I tell ya, shocked, that the "left" would label Closet Bob the Toilet Trawler a sordid pervert.

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