Monday, November 26, 2007

Academic Freedom Boners

Military training program for teens expands in US.

"Proponents of the junior reserve programs say they provide stability and a sense of purpose for troubled youth and help to instill values such as leadership and responsibility. But opponents say the programs divert critical resources from crumbling public schools and lead to a militarization of US society. "To call these young people child soldiers might be technically inaccurate, but it does reveal the truth of it," said Oscar Castro, a spokesman for the National Youth and Militarism Program, an advocacy group."

-----Bumped into the above story 3 times already this morning. Tsk tsk tsk, militarizing our youth.

But ... look at it this way, for instance - with regard to public schools teaching sexual education to giggling wisecracking children – the proper technique of donning a condom, how to avoid STDs, access to contraception, etc. - proponents have assured us diverting critical resources to sex ed in our crumbling public schools does not increase sexual activity in youngsters – therefore, donning a uniform, handling a weapon, and responding with 'yes sir, yes mam' should not contribute to an increased militarization of society.

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