Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let Us Quibble Over the Puppets

More Boos At Republican YouTube Debate As McCain Re-Writes History.

"McCain accused Paul of what he called the same sort of appeasement that allowed Hitler to take power and WWII to happen, and told him he’d just returned from Iraq and said he had a message for Ron from “the troops” — and the audience let him have it. Paul put it right back in his face by reminding him that he has received more donations from active duty military personnel than any other Republican candidate. Oh, did anyone notice Chuck Norris in the audience? This stuff just writes itself…"

-------Hmmm, I watched this debate and during above segment the audience gave the cheers to McCain for "the message from the troops." The message by the way was "let us win."

Paul's comeback regarding more donations from active duty personnel was so-so ... remember folks, progressives like to point out the military ranks are now flooded with gang members, racists, and criminals waivers. Wake up goofballs; you can't have it both ways – insinuating the troops want/support Ron Paul after having blogged the last 3 years on how the army lowered its standards to enlist thugs. Here, let me make the connection - recruits, thugs, racists, criminals donate to Paul (and want to come home). Or! maybe it was the racists, criminal, thug recruits who told McCain "let us win" ?

Last I heard Chuck Norris backed neither McCain or Paul, but Huckabee. Not sure why Norris was mentioned.

A thumbs up for Paul on his stand on immigration/border control. McCain gets a thumb down for inserting Hitler in the fray (only democrats and/or progressives are allowed to equate Republicans with Hitler).

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