Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another Package Flapping

Naomi Wolf, "progressive advocate," maudlin writer , and liberal inspiration, especially to homely white women.

Former anorexic Wolf began her author/feminist career with The Beauty Myth published in 1991. The Myth slammed the beauty industry, image consultants, slick fashion magazines, etc. Wolf of course immediately posed for fashion magazines and soon became image consultant to Clinton and Gore in 1996 on how to attract "soccer moms" and consultant to Gore in 2000 with the idea that "Gore is a beta male who needs to take on the alpha male in the Oval Office". A feminist making giant steps for womankind - preaching beta ape needs to beat chest at alpha ape to get the female voter apes.

Being one of the females not tricked by alpha and beta I fling monkey poo at the chaotic crowds running to and fro as they shout for more prepackaged "progressives" to give them ... what - honestly I don't know - truth? reason? hope? change? a hero?

Decades ago just after the feminist movement began I was forced by college courses to read much crap of "inspiring" modern feminists. At most I closed the majority of such books with vague images of fruit, flowers, and vaginas. It was the era of all things written, painted, sculpted, and designed by feminists as labia inspired.

Like those writers/artists, Wolf is full of shit too. Yet, here she is a political consultant/exspurt, one of many stars in the progressive mosh pit. And ya wonder why progressivism doesn't make any real change?

This is the political Wolf's warning that the fascists are coming, The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot. She states she doesn't sleep well at night because in times like this journalists such as herself are swept up and imprisoned or disappeared and because Valerie Plame wrote of the bolts on her deck being loosened. My first thought was Naomi's anorexia lead to malnutrition which lead to brain damage as Wolf is not a journalist and Plame's accusation of loose deck screws is hardly enough to keep a sane person awake at night.

Until advent of the Internet I was convinced change for the better could come, that people could make a difference, and that while Americans could be clueless they were not all stupid. I now change my stand on that point. The Internet has convinced me most Americans are that stupid, are completely clueless or not concerned at all, and the only change will be the packaged progressive star of the week, month, year.

I'm approaching the level where I now almost want to see America crash (I will do fine thank you as will gals like Wolf) just so I can watch the brainless commoners who have spent at least the last 7 years fluttering from author to author, from group to group, from petition to petition, from one hyped sound byte to the next, wondering why their sky is falling when they read all the politically correct bloggers, cheered on the gatekeeping progressive leaders, and believed there's no place like home, so hard that surely if they closed their eyes and tapped the clitoris three times ... they'll get their America back.

To swallow and follow, whether old doctrine or new propaganda, is a weakness still dominating the human mind. That's a quote from a 19th century feminist, can't recall who, but she said more than any modern vulva flapping.

(And, by the way, overusing words of female genitalia now qualifies me as a feminist writer. Oh, and down with whitey's beauty industry and slick fashion mags; qualified black feminist writer.)

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