Friday, November 23, 2007

Iraq the Vote

One child dies every five minutes because of the war, and many more are left with severe injuries. Of the estimated 4mn Iraqis who have been displaced in Iraq or left the country, 1.5mn are children. They don't have access to basic health care, education, shelter or water and sanitation. "Sick or injured children, are left to die in the hundreds because they don't have access to basic medicines or other resources. [They have] lost hands, feet and limb [and] are left without prostheses. "This is the assessment of 100 British and Iraqi doctors.

(At 1 child every 5 minutes equals 288 per day x 4-1/2 years of war equals 472,320 children. BushCo has almost caught up to SlickWillieCo in Iraq in number of child murders.)

Meanwhile, global Black genocide continues as phony progressive Anglos are extremely distracted with using Iraqi children as cannon fodder in the 2008 election.

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