Monday, October 29, 2007

I, Nanny

WASHINGTON, Oct. 28 — In a reversal from past election cycles, Democratic candidates for president are outpacing Republicans in donations from the health care industry, even as the leading Democrats in the field offer proposals that have caused deep anxiety in some of its sectors.

Hospitals, drug makers, doctors and insurers gave candidates in both parties more than $11 million in the first nine months of this year, according to an analysis of campaign finance records done for The New York Times by the Center for Responsive Politics, an independent group that tracks campaign finance.

---- You're gonna get that "free" universal healthcare. I can hardly wait to pay for Bubba and Earline's physical ailments brought on by a life of obesity and/or self-indulgent, and/or drugs and alcohol, and/or second and third generation social failure since no one has really held Bubba accountable for anything because parents haven't parented for the last 40 years and nothing is Bubba's fault.

I'm a loving decent person - so why shouldn't I want Bubba to have a lifetime receiving taxpayer funded healthcare and drawing SSI disability which often goes with it? He worked at least 10 years in dead end jobs, here and there, and just because his legs are giving out because his kneecaps can't support that weight, and just because years of junk food and sloth destroys his health, and now his kidneys are going and dialysis is probably in his future, and he needs those prescription drugs for pain and mood lability and meds for the sequelae of designer "diseases" like alcoholism and ADHD because exspurts say it's heredity, a gene, and nothing to do with will and responsibility, just because he's joined millions of other self-inflicted sick - doesn't mean I should resent paying to care for him the rest of his lifetime, which is likely to be short anyway.

Why good grief, if I can pay for S&L bailouts and war profiteers, if I can pay for the perks and benefits to corrupt politicians, if I can pay farm subsidies to the Rockefellas and fund the free world wealthyfare corporatocracy, if I can pay for the local cop shop robotoys from the Department of Homeland Security to oppress and harass my neighborhood – then by God I am just as happy to fund the other side of the parasite – I will fund the lifestyle and well-being of millions of Bubbas, and all the new racketeers ... uh, er, new "agencies" the government will create to disburse the funds to hospitals, doctors, drug makers, and insurers who bring the subsidized "free" pharma/healthcare industry to Bubba, and his little Bubbas.

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