Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You Can Make This Up

From Kos on domestic surveillance: "Here's a question for you, and maybe you'd like to ask your Senators this one, too: What exactly does this FISA bill authorize in the way of domestic surveillance?

I've been wondering this myself -- literally to myself -- but Declan McCullagh has done us all the favor of writing it down:

Let's translate that. A hotel manager who lets FBI agents into a guest's room to copy a laptop's hard drive in secret would not be liable. An apartment manager who gives Homeland Security the key to a tenant's unit to place a key logger in a PC would not be liable. A private security firm that divulges a customer's alarm code would not be liable. A university that agrees to forward a student's e-mail messages to the Defense Department would not be liable. An antivirus company that helps the NSA implant spyware in an unsuspecting customer's computer would not be liable.

No court order is required. And if an eventual lawsuit accuses the hotel manager or antivirus firm of unlawful activities, it'll be thrown out of court as long as the attorney general or the director of national intelligence can provide a "certification." The "certification" is, of course, secret--all a judge may say publicly is that the rules were followed, and then dismiss the case."

------------ Bwaaahaaaa haaahaaaa haaaaahaaa stop, my sides hurt. Afraid, be very afraid - of the folks who come up with this stuff. Bwaahahaaha. And then ask your senator.

Bubba, you really think the FBI is going to trust Mr. Hot el Manager to open a room and not tell anyone of his/her undercover adventure with the F-B-I? When did the FBI need the manager to gain entry to a room?

Haaaahahahaaaaa, get this one – apartment manager, Bill Braggart Rentcollector, is in the know, giving DHS the tenant's key so Homeland Security can place a key logger on a pc, you know a key logger, those things as seen on CNN, CBS News, ABC News, and Newsweek and at your favorite spy stores with names like SpyDevil and KGB Keylogger.

A private security firm – scary – divulging a customer's home alarm code. Even if Security Firm gave Big Daddy the code to bin Laden's cave – that firm would be out of business as soon as their assistance was public knowledge. Besides, when did government burglars need help from a security firm to break and enter?

University students, other than the most weird of weird, do not use the school's e-mail for anything other than school matters. Hotmail, yahoo, excite.com, etc. are for real mail. So head up DOD – you won't get much out of geekystudent.edu emails.

NSA doing implants? Oh, implanting spyware in an unsuspecting customer's computer. Haaaahaaahahaaa. The suspect is unsuspecting boss, a real boob.

Heeeheheeeheee. Hey, Bubba ! they CAN make this shit up, and then favor us by writing it all down. Hahahahahaaha. Wait, wait - is this where I say "I could tell ya but I'd have to kill ya."

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