Saturday, October 13, 2007

Same Music, Different Rockstar

On the Nobel and should Gore run for president. A little online response:

Gore/Richardson? Yes!; Gore/Obama? Yes!!; Gore/Edwards? Not only "Yes!!!," but, HELL YES!

No more Bush/Clinton mafia. Run Al, Run. For our sake, and the worlds!

Class: it's not something you buy - Though Al Gore has it in spades. It shames me more and more each day that we have Bozo the Wonder President in the White House when we could have thoughtful, honest leadership in the form of Gore. Bless you and your work, sir.

This makes my day, and calls for a celebration!

------- And websites - Draft Gore. America For Gore.

And opinion pieces - "There are times for politicians and times for heroes. America and the Earth need a hero right now," read the Draft Gore movement's open letter to the soon-to-be Nobel man. "Please rise to this challenge, or you and millions of us will live forever wondering what might have been." Now, that's pressure. But it is a velvet grip in which the peace prize winner finds himself. Al Gore has arrived at the point that most politicians can only imagine in their wildest dreams. The entire world is asking him to be not merely a candidate but an ecological - not to mention, ideological - savior. And there is simply no question that he is viable. In fact, he is more viable than he has ever been. Can Gore resist? Probably. Should he resist? Probably not.

"Since his loss, Gore has undergone a resurrection of sorts, shrugging off the consultants and the caution that hampered him during the campaign and -- aided by new distribution technologies -- evolving into perhaps the most articulate, animated, and forceful critic of the Bush administration."

"Every time he gives a speech under MoveOn's auspices, a guaranteed 3 million MoveOn members get the address blasted directly in their inboxes, where it can be read in full. From there, the speech gets e-mailed around, promoted on the blogs, passed from friend to neighbor -- what tech types call "viral marketing." At no point in this process does a news editor or television producer decide which sound bites will be emphasized for ratings. MoveOn allows him to speak on his own terms and individuals to distribute his speeches on theirs. It's Gore Unplugged, and everyone's got a ticket."

" ... you would want someone like Al Gore—the improbably charismatic, Academy Award–winning, Nobel Prize–nominated environmental prophet with an army of followers and huge reserves of political and cultural capital at his command.

------------ Dear God, please make them stop.


abi said...

Great last line - made me smile. ;-)

Sure, there's a lot of fawning Gore hype these days.

But if what he's been saying these past 7 years is true, he has made a transformation.

If he ran and was nominated, I'd vote for him. But I have to wonder — is he staying out of the race because he really no longer wants to be president? I don't believe it.

If he doesn't run, my guess is it will be because he knows he has spoken much too plainly about the changes he would like to make, and he knows he won't be allowed to get them done.

Kate-A said...

Oh..... I think Gore is as big a liar as the next careerist pol, transforming only his image, not his heart.

As for the global climate bunk I follow the George Carlin school of thought - that mother earth will shake us off like fleas. Yes, we may be trashing up the planet but destroying it? - nah, man isn't that potent. The climate changers are using natural changes to cash in on fear.

Hence, the save the planeters are promoting man destroys his natural habitat - for the funds it generates and/or it will well serve the ruling class when Americans have to accept the coming austerity programs - when the last helicopter leaves Baghdad with a dangling embassy worker.

Gore, Carter, etc. if they were honest would be telling the sheeple we need term limits, an end to outsourcing/offshoring (especially guvmint contracts using taxpayer monies), an end to corporate socialism, hard prison time for corruption (in cells with Bubba and Tyrone), public financed campaigns (can't buy pols anymore), education not warehousing, ban pacs and special interest groups, term limits, term limits, did I say term limits?

Guys like Carter and Gore tell us how bad we are, that we should immediately stop being bad - but never have viable solutions that will work well for Joe Blow and/or Ali Blow. Nor do they follow their own advice - i.e. refusing free subsidy monies or not emitting more gases into the air in 1 Gulf Stream plane ride in a day than most Joes emit in a year.

Phonies are all we're gonna hear from. Real leaders are crying in the wilderness, unheard.

Anonymous said...

The Goracle wears the savior costume loosely and proudly with his fat and happy self. His restoration to glory and riches has been nothing short of miraculous. Vengeance has been his since 2000. He is enjoying all the riches of the earthly kingdom and he won’t be fooled again.

Term Limits: I agree with KAB. Those who have inherited the earth will not take kindly to our efforts to thwart nepotism, cronyism and divine right, but after a while they will adjust, just like we have for centuries.

Kathy F.

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