Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Respect Your Peanuts

KABKABIYA, Sudan (AP) -- Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter got in a shouting match Wednesday with Sudanese security officials who blocked him from a town in Darfur where he was trying to meet representatives of ethnic African refugees from the ongoing conflict.

"You can't go. It's not on the program!" the local national security chief, who only gave his first name as Omar, yelled at Carter, who is in Darfur as part of a delegation of respected international figures known as "The Elders."

"We're going to anyway!" an angry Carter retorted, telling security officers they didn't have the authority to stop him.

Carter said the main goal of a three-day visit to Sudan was to seek guarantees for free and fair elections throughout the country in 2009.

----- Free and fair elections throughout? Free and fair, like USA elections. O please.

Jimmah Carter, respected Elder, lifelong wealthifare recipient, a la subsidies from the village idiots. Jimmah Elder's peanuts for FY 2001-2006 totaled $1,385,420 million.

According to this article 2005 welfare checks were sent to local village elders including "Former President Jimmy Carter and his family who collected $235,695, mostly in peanut and conservation payments, through Carter Farms Inc., a family business."

Hey, where do I sign up for the village Elder'hood?

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