Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blogger, Blogger, Blogger

Umm, is there a point to Mike Rivero's (WRH) posting this link to the 2-3 year old Aegis mercernaries video?

No fan of mercs (see here and here) but if in the juror's box with only this video I would have a difficult time convicting anyone of anything.

So the point is ... ? That people shoot at people in war zones? That Blackwater hired guns are not the only hired guns? Or is it to give us a break from the usual WRH chant of Jewish Aipac'ers rule congress and the world.

Aipac, Aipac, Aipac. Marsh, Marsha, Marsha.

Granted, Jewish influence in US policy, politics, business, and media is disproportionate but .... why doesn't WHR just use Henry Ford's The International Jew as masthead and be done with it.

Around 3-4 years ago I questioned Rivero's mindset after he made a tasteless joke on WRH (pertaining to suntan lotion and niggers) – I emailed him that I didn't find it funny at all. Rivero responded with "You're the only person who didn't." Needless to say, after that I seldom visit WhatReally.

There are online articles from 2002, someone by the name of S. Boyle, who accused Rivero of once belonging to and writing for a white supremacist group. Whether true or not I don't know, and don't care as Rivero will never go any further than a disgruntled ex-hollywooder now blogging for donations.

Over the past few years on the Net, reading and lurking, I've formed mental images of the readership for various blogs/websites. For example, DailyKos and Huffingtonpost evoke images of the aging yuppy set with children, sweater knotted around the shoulders, the sort of liberals or progressives who really don't give a shit about Black America other than to occasionally remind us Black America's problems are not Black folks fault, vote Democrat – OR - what problems, we're all one big don't taser me he's my bro' family, vote Democrat.

The Kos crowd compared to Huffington followers are a step down from yuppydom - Kos followers are working class liberals or maxed out credit card liberals, who will save all year to attend a Kos convention because it's for the Kos cause. WRH followers are more your survivalists with beer and musket types who seem to think Rivero's ability to link MSM headlines sent to him by readers makes Mike a truthteller. They also tend to see Ron Paul as a pleasing shade of free market small guvmint under whose Paulian rule Americans will be freer and more self-sufficient than the Weavers on Ruby Ridge.

Anyhoo – it's been downright funny watching Internet bloggers become like the politicians they berate – blogging for popularity and (best blogger) votes. Intelligent, objective questioning and reporting? Where's that audience?

By God as our witness - netizens want massive go nowhere bytes of pod people and pervert pols, Plame spyware, merry Fitzmas, Gitmo and code pink me, faux this and fox that, economic meltdowns and bourse up yours, counts and recounts, the dogs that did not bark, torture that Rovian brain and chad this mo'fo, until election 2008 when we be free – free at last – thank god almighty, if our party wins, free at last.

But please, fellow kossacks, huffers, and whatreallyers, take no offense at my descriptions - as I have personally been accused of being a shill for Israel, a death squad member in Central America, an agent of Mossad, and can ya believe it ! a bitch (okay, one of those accusations may have some truth to it), and besides – your blog is bigger than my blog.

BTW, Aegis has been cleared of wrong doing, not that profiteers exonerating other profiteers means anything. To prove Aegis and Tim Spicer's lovability, DoD has awarded the mercs a $457,000,000 dollar contract renewal.


Anonymous said...

Spot on about the Kos and Huff readerships. As for WRH, it was the first blog I developed an interest in and I still visit for history and religion links. What repels me is the pulpit from which he shouts "your kids" and "your money" - as if he's doing the rest of us a favor. Blogs such as KAB that offer articulate opinions and analyses based on published facts are the stuff of good reading and a far better example of journalism. Which gets me to thinking: I can't afford to financially support KAB, but I'd be pleased to mail my almost-famous carrot cake during next year's donation drive. Let me know if you like it with or without nuts.

Kathy F.

Kate-A said...

Carrot cake gets you on the 5 star donor list. With nuts please.

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