Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's the CIA, Stupid

Seven CIA Veterans Challenge 9/11 Commission.

Raymond McGovern
William Christison
Melvin Goodman
Robert Baer
Robert David Steele
Lynne Larkin
David MacMichael

These liars are pros, and still working for "the man." They have not grown a conscience after decades of servicing the status quo, smiling as they collect CIA retirement checks and benefits.

They're performing - telling a portion of the public what it wants to hear; a little fun foreplay before you're screwed again by the next Commission's report. The same operation was pulled after JFK. Authors wrote books, Hollywood made movies, former InsertAgency veterans challenged the Warren Report, and "they" eventually gave you the Select Committee on Assassinations. Changed nothing, solved nothing.

Simple entertainment, handpicked and managed heros, paper tigers and troupers blowing smoke. Swallow – eating this shit up is a survival trait of the modern serf.

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Anonymous said...

"Swallow – eating this shit up is a survival trait of the modern serf."

Oh Boy ain't that the truth!

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