Friday, October 26, 2007

Ruling Class Paraphernalia

Condi had that look. Holier-than-thou. Haughty. A subtle display of scorn for what she regarded as beneath her. The latest stunt by Code Pink disturbed Rice not at all.

If you're paying attention you've seen this look/attitude many times from the ruling class, "your betters." You're beneath them; your little 20 second stunts highlight nothing, change nothing. Sometimes "your betters" even guide and payroll the pranksters to pull little pranks – it gives the commoners a sense of power, and a sense of power, however impotent, keeps the little people in line – a sort of opiate for the masses.

The blood on hands stunt, for Condi supporters, has Condi appearing cool and collected under fire. For Bush-RiceCo critics – they got in her face and made a statement; a leftwing fix, ganja, freebasing on you-go-bloody-hands woman!

For the ruling class the stunt was a reminder of just how dumb and low-class the lower classes are; likely not worthy of mention at dinner (although the lapdog press may report a stunt upset or alarmed your betters, more sense of power dope to the little people). For the commoners the stunt is truth-to-power performance placebos, sugar pills for the symbol-minded. For Code Pink it's may be more donations and/or more clueless members signing up.

And as usual, it means the raping and plundering ruling class will have its way with you as they look down those long, self-composed, smug noses (and their fixers tap your vein for the next dose).


Anonymous said...

Code Pink - the Junior League gals who snubbed me at Camp Casey (not to be confused with Camp Casey I,II or III), with one exception, Diane Wilson, who did not act like or dress in the same style or color as her affiliates at that time. Unfortunately Diane has since seen the light and called it Good.

I don't trust ANY organization; if it has a website or a phone number I consider it compromised. Crawford Texas was a real eye-opener for me. I will never sign another petition. These days I send postcards to Kaye Bailey Hutchinson - after tiring of her form replies that neither acknowledged nor addressed the issues I raised in my well-prepared correspondence.

As for my betters, they are all old and wise, can not be found anywhere near a headline, and have long outgrown "shooting" looks.

Kathy F.

Kate-A said...

You will be a wise Elder.


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