Monday, October 15, 2007


Giuliani Sells New York as the Town He Tamed

Mr. Giuliani is at once running against New York City and embracing it. It is his foil and fodder, a laugh line and an applause line. It is the city he has tamed and the place where he stared down — as he tells appreciative Republicans to hearty applause — liberals, criminals, welfare recipients, big-spending City Council members and the editorial writers of The New York Times. At times, talking about the city where he has lived most of his 63 years, Mr. Giuliani sounds like he was a stranger in his own land.

“I got elected and re-elected honestly not because the people of New York City agreed with my ideas,” he told an appreciative audience at the York County Republican dinner in Rock Hill, S.C., on Thursday. “They didn’t. They agreed with my results. You agree with my ideas.”

--------Taming tools, for example – Diallo Drilled and Take This Louima.

A disgusting, salivating, reeking little man - Giuliani – NYC's own wiseguy.


Anonymous said...

To me he'll always be the sleezebag who profited obscenely with the 42nd Street shuffle.

Kathy F.

Kate-A said...

Thanks for that - I had to research and read up on that. Appears he gave the New York Times all kinds of goodie packages with all that upgrading of 42nd Street.

What a bum.

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