Monday, October 01, 2007

Shallow MovieStar Seeks Publicity

Rambo’ crew witnesses Myanmar atrocities.

(Note - headline misleading, one might think Rambo's crew saw the shooting of Myanmar protesters.)

LOS ANGELES - Sylvester Stallone says he and his “Rambo” sequel movie crew recently witnessed the human toll of unspeakable atrocities while filming along the Myanmar border.

“I witnessed the aftermath — survivors with legs cut off and all kinds of land-mine injuries, maggot-infested wounds and ears cut off,” Stallone told The Associated Press in a phone interview Monday.

The 61-year-old actor-director returned to the U.S. eight days ago from shooting “John Rambo,” the fourth movie in the action series, on the Salween River separating Thailand and Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

“I called Soldier of Fortune magazine and they said Burma was the foremost area of human abuse on the planet,” Stallone said.

----Hey John Rambo-roid – you can see those same atrocities in third world nations around the globe, and at VA hospitals around the US. (You forgot to mention burn victims.)

Stallone called SOF mag for exspurt opinion. I know I'm impressed (not).

SOF, read by thousands of little wannabe rambos who are pro-military, pro-strong U.S. defense (i.e. contractors), pro-police, pro-Jesus and apple pie, who play with guns and load their own shells;

read by rugged suburban men who have well laid plans to survive the coming "doomsday" scenario in a ski lodge they timeshare;

read by scraggly bearded men who drive old Chevy trucks with bumper stickers that say mountain men have long guns and lead balls, who live alone in cabins and eat elk;

read by the military brass who earned their combat ribbon in the battlefields of Grenada;

read by third rate actors who believe their own scripts.

And you know Ram, where you were filming, Thailand/Myanmar border, has the worst minefield problem in the world. Mines, bought from the US, China, and USSR, laid by the Thai military. Rumor has it the Burmese Karen people have been laying new mines too, against the Myanmar military.

Sly Rambo of the permanent sneer - posturing for publicity on other folks misery. Remember – lest Rambo forgets and wants to liberate and save yet another nation from themselves, the US is currently occupied - liberating Iraqis and the victims of Saddam's atrocities.

Maybe Rambo could liberate Myanmar, all 135 ethnic tribes, all by himself. Or better yet, put his money where his sneer is and donate those Rambo royalties to Handicap International who work with victims on the Cambodia/Myanmar border.

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