Monday, October 29, 2007

4-Sale, Hard Worker, Won't Cry Much

LONDON: An Indian supplier to clothing retailer Gap has been found using child labour to produce items for Gap Kids branches in Europe and the United States, a newspaper reported here on Sunday.

In response, Gap has withdrawn the garments involved from sale while it probes breaches of the group's ethical code.

(Gap's last self-probing was in Cambodia.)

"The whole system is corrupt," Professor Singh says. "These are children doing work under the very noses of the government agencies in Delhi. ... The government pick up them and send them to the refinery or jails, and nothing more. But after that, they have to release them after some time, and again, they go through the same system" -- never fully escaping from the shadows in which they've lived for years.

------ Cocoa, carpets, coal, sex, from factories and fields and brothels and mines – child labor. Next best thing to slavery and migrant workers.

But rest assured friends – for centuries various governments and humanitarian organizations have worked to abolish such situations. Now, through small time "gotcha" journalism - in efforts to force modern global corporatocracies to "investigate" themselves for any wrong doing, the crusade continues.

(Cutting competitor profits has no role in who gets outed because these "free market" profit-mongers and NGO honchos really, really want to eradicate, once and for all, the forced labor of orphans and urchins and parents who sell their children.)

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Anonymous said...

Just goes to show what good Christian ministries are doing - which includes the archdiocese boys of Delhi.

Kathy F.

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