Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ahh, Look What Hillary Will Undo

WASHINGTON, Oct. 23 — Senator Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that the Bush-Cheney administration had engaged in a “power grab” and that she would consider relinquishing some of that executive power if she followed it into the White House.

“There were a lot of actions which they took that were clearly beyond any power the Congress would have granted, or that in my view that was inherent in the Constitution,” Mrs. Clinton said, in an interview posted on the Web site of The Guardian newspaper of Britain.

Asked whether a president could “actually give up some of this power in the name of constitutional principle,” Mrs. Clinton answered, “Absolutely.”

Democrats and some Republicans have criticized the administration, saying it has overstepped constitutional bounds by eavesdropping on certain telephone conversations without warrants, suspending due process for people classified as enemy combatants and generally resisting Congressional scrutiny.

----- Hillary: "Pick me, pick me. I plan to consider giving you back your constitution. Well, except no relinquishing those powers which First Madam absolutely needs to maintain law and order when the economy for the working poor collapses and migrant hordes and unwashed masses overrun the palace as the planet warms up and we run out of grain. Absolutely."

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