Friday, October 19, 2007

Baby Steps

A school in Maine, US, is to make birth control pills available to middle school children as young as 11 through its health centre. According to an Associated Press (AP) report, the decision was made in a school committee meeting earlier this week following a request from the school's health centre to make the pills available to children of high school age who were still attending middle school.

------ The above maneuver is disturbing in more ways than I can articulate. The least of which is the continuance of the who needs responsible parenting mentality – let the State be mom and dad, the sheeple follow.

But, I ask - if the State sanctions an 11 y/o girl as old enough to consent to sexual activity, and the State sanctions the 11 y/o girl is old enough to request and receive birth control - how long before the State sanctions the 11 y/o girl has the right to choose 40 y/o Chester as her lover?

And if 11 is old enough to choose, why not 10 or 9? Wasn't it immediately and widely reported that the Nevada toddler raped/taped by Chester Stiles is today a normal, healthy 7 y/o with no problems, who never displayed any behavior change to alert her mother? I can see a future where lawyers give new meaning to "no harm, no foul" - no problem when no harm or damage is done.

Pedophiles rejoice – the State has taken the first step to put you on the road to becoming simply a lifestyle, a "preference," and eventually – it's nature, in the genes.

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