Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Then They Came For White Folks

(CNN) -- The husband of Carol Anne Gotbaum, the woman who died in police custody at the Phoenix, Arizona, airport, says a little kindness might have saved her life.

"If the airline or the police authorities had treated Carol with some modicum of sensitivity and grace, or one single person at that airport had put an arm around her shoulder, sat her down and given her some protection, she might still be with us today," Noah Gotbaum said at her funeral Sunday in New York.

----And where was the "sensitivity" from Gotbaum's family who knew she was troubled and traveling alone? With this incident and the one with Andrew "Don't Taz Me Bro" in Florida – my first thought was – upper and middle class white folks really do feel entitled to kinder and gentler treatment from the po - lice. Neither one of these "perps" was abused or mishandled by the cops – well, not by 'hood standards anyway.


Anonymous said...

This will be difficult for you to understand, so I will write it slowly: We middle-class whities expect the po-lice to treat us with the respect due law abiding citizens because the probability that we ARE law abiding citizens is very high. Do you understand why the probability is very high? Because middle-class whities tend not to commit thoughtless, violent crimes against society.

If you read this over and over you may begin to understand why some folk in the US don't get the respect they demand. Here is a clue: The answer is in the last sentence of the previous paragraph--it is an oddity called personal accountability--of course, you are likly a demo-rat and care little about the accountability of anyone except whoever you demand to pay your bills :-(

Kate-A said...

delusion is a grand thing huh?

Read this - high probability it's you.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I forgot what I was gonna say after reading the comments. Some of my middle class white brethren (if I may be so bold as to tweak my earnings figures) are headed for a viciously rude awakening.

Kathy F.

Kate-A said...

All but the most wealthy and affluent Joe Blows are in for an awakening - but Big Daddy will have all those new non-lethal crowd control toys - to keep folks calm in the bread lines.

There are times at the grocery store or paying my heat/AC that I wonder how working class and middle class families with children can afford to eat or pay for electricity and heat.

On the brighter side though - it could be the beginning of Americans getting to know and helping one another and then uniting against the corrupted masters, but that's probably a pipe dream.

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