Friday, October 19, 2007

News In Brief

Mukasey and Guiliani and the like: The usual Italian thugs, Jewish Bosses.

Benazir Bhutto: Corrupt politician supporting the "war on terror" and bringing corrupted "democracy" back to her sheople.

Crude Oil Reaches Record $90: Hugo in the know, more than you know.

Bush and Cheney still to attack Iran. Bloggers tell us so because "... the USA ruling class is manipulated by the zionist lobby" and MSM tells us so because Bush said WWIII.

Ron Paul continues to woo the political spectrum, from boys and girls in liberal short shorts to the struggling descendents of conservatives.

And, in this week's who-gives-a-shit barnyard news there is Ellen Dog and Iggy, Nicolas "the frog" Sarkozy gets divorced, cow (or cowed) Britney loses custody again, and the FDA warns Viagra may cause hearing loss but it could be the sheep are bleating too loud to hear anything.

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