Saturday, October 27, 2007

Demonizing Dissent

The demonizing of dissent begins.

Bill Clinton's "How dare you," to 9/11 "inside job" hecklers is the most chilling moment I've witnessed since Election 2000 was handed to Bush. Not surprising, but chilling.

No surprise that politicians of any party would protect the system that feeds them, as they were involved or aware of 9/11 truth, either before but more likely after the fact, and are now necessary in the coverup – a little anthrax could go a long way in convincing wayward souls to protect the status quo.

There's a very subtle threat in Clinton's words to those who would dare to accuse US political puppets of staging terror at home.

The Clintons have come to love that vast rightwing conspiracy, although their acting skills are still horribly third rate - Bill used the same tone of voice in "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

For those who believe too many conspirators would be needed for a 9/11 and truth would leak out – you do not understand the nature of global money, global power, and Intel. For those who cannot fathom the US government/ruling class murdering their fellow citizens – you do not know history. For those who believe the ruling class cares about them – you do not grasp the mentality of people who would bludgeon their own father and crawl over his body to fuck their sister if it handed them a throne.

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