Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Church of the Mighty Whitey Revolutionaries

I was listening to someone tonight going over details of Bush's dictatorial powers; how Bush has signed over 700 Executive Orders and other acts of unconstitutional aggression against our civil liberties. That fascism slowly creeps upon us (well, for white folks maybe it's been creeping).

I'm not convinced that something can be aggressive and creep at the same time but apparently to some individuals the Bush dictatorship can creep aggressively. And remember folks, I loathe BushCo as much as anyone else.

They also cited the case of Dr. Rafil Dhafir, a New Yorker convicted of 59 counts of various crimes - money laundering, wire fraud, Medicare fraud, violating Iraq sanctions as investigation of Dhafir began in 1999 and his Help the Needy charity was supposedly sending funds and materials to Iraqi throughout the 1990s to help the needy there. Humanitarian or criminal, if you're going to violate the laws of your adopted country you should prepare for consequences. And surely he had access to afford the type of lawyering that even an O.J. can secure.

The doctor was denied bail - an item some white folks seem to think is new - because he was considered a flight risk. I was ready to believe this upstanding American-Iraqi citizen was wrongly convicted but after researching I need more facts before crying. Apparently the jury found sufficient evidence to convict unanimously. And maybe it's a petty thing for me but when someone such as the doctor demands the faithful cleanup after fundraisers rather than hire a cleaning crew yet he drives around in a Lexus and travels abroad 3 times a year ... well I wonder about his commitment to frugality.

But back to the signing orders.

I knew BushCo had signed a couple of questionable orders regarding executive power and homeland security, and I have plenty of complaints regarding the Patriot Act and other gobs of legalese that strengthen the power of the good ol' pervert boys in DC who pass laws without reading them, but I decided to check out these horrendous executive orders of aggression. Had they grown that monumental? I only found 272 - so will those to the left of me let me know where the other 500 are? Scarey? You be the judge.

Bush Signs Executive Order to Protect Striped Bass and Red Drum Fish Populations.

President Bush Signs Indian Education Executive Order.

Bush Signs Executive Order Protecting American Taxpayers from Government Spending on Wasteful Earmarks.

Bush signs executive order to help Americans with disabilities.

President Bush Signs New Executive Order On HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities).

Bush Signs Executive Order Limiting Eminent Domain Powers of Federal Government (the federal government can only seize private property for a public use such as a hospital or road).

Bush Signs Executive Order Aiming To Boost Transparency of Health Services Prices, Quality.

Bush yesterday signed an executive order requiring the CIA to follow international conventions banning torture when it questions detainees in its secret interrogation program for top captured terrorists.

Bush Signs Executive Order Establishing National Aeronautics Research and Development Policy.

Executive Order: Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management.

Link to all Orders signed by Bush, including the Only White Folks Thought He Was Funny Executive Order Establishing the Bob Hope American Patriot Award.

Of course, BushCo is just setting the new world stage for the next group of political puppets who will bait and switch and bend you over your empty pork barrel while you whine as expected, demanding rights, protections, freebies courtesy of more Daddy Guvmint - the new world order needs mental dependents, not self-secure adults.

And, while demanding abstract freedoms, nanny laws, and bumper sticker causes at home you demand the US leave the world alone - but don't look down - that way of life you enjoy has a pile of dead bodies holding you up, even as you blame those bodies on the evil corporations that supply and gratify your impulses day in and day out. Got bourgeois?

Let us all join hands now and say a Sally Field mother's prayer: President Hillary will stop the war because she's a mother and if women ruled the world there would be no goddamn war, long live Hillary Bill the queen of mothers ....

... and in that gospel vein let us believe that if Obama wins the presidency all Americans, particularly Blacks, will be empowered - we will overcome federal handouts and institutionalized racism and live white collar to white collar with our middle class suburban brethren, having a bar-b-que with 40 ounce malt liquor while little Tyrone and Tiffany play. Viva Obama. He will be our Chavez, our Evo - Obama, our man of color who understands what it means to be biracial at family reunions, finding your roots in Africa, attending an elite Hawaiin school, the aggravation of not getting better hair from those white genes.

So Bubba ... call me if a revolution starts. I'll be out back turning the compost and doing a little self-governing.


Katherine Hughes said...

KatAs you mention Dr. Dhafir in your piece, I think people visiting your site should have access to a summary of his case:

"Criminalizing Compassion in the War on Terror:
Muslim Charities and the Case of Dr. Rafil A. Dhafir:"

Kate-A said...

Thanks for your view point.

But the more I read and listen to Dr. Dhafir the less I see him as a victim of government jackboots and more a victim of his own religiosity and stupidity.

The idea that the doctor was just sloppy with paperwork does not excuse Medicare fraud false billing, tax evasion, siphoning charity funds for real estate investments, using a tax-exempt number assigned to the Somali Relief Network (a totally different charity), etc.

Dhafir's troubles began prior to the BushCo thugs in the White House - in 1999 when an associate of Dhafir's deposited into the Help the Needy account, 100 checks, each just under $10,000, which triggered bank suspicions of money laundering who then notified the government.

Are you aware of Dr. Dhafir's lecture Dealing with Non-Muslims asserting not to take non-muslims as friends or confidants; that female circumcision is not mutilation and permitted by Allah, that he would not rent to a non-muslim b/c they would celebrate Xmas in the house, etc? The audio can be heard at Islamway.

I reserve my compassion for the truly innocent - not a charming jet-setter with one hand on the Koran and the other in the cookie jar.

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