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Edwin Crosby III

Ran across this man and his theory a few months ago and again more recently. Didn't believe the theory months ago and haven't been converted to a believer now. Crosby in BFN interview.

According to Edwin Crosby's long crusade, since 1974, there's a system of secret codes "hidden" on discharge papers of over 20 million U.S. veteran soldiers. SPN (separation program numbers), are codes which corporate and bureaucratic interests have been using to deny employment and veteran benefits. Codes which facilitate a huge theft of over $70 Billion, in a scam which has lasted decades.

Link to what codes mean. "Branded with numbers" according to Crosby. Another link with alpha codes defined.

Being a genealogy buff I pulled out my binder of familial military records and checked all DD-214s, from WWII to the current Iraq War. This "hidden" code is listed under Reason and Authority for Separation on discharge papers. Thankfully, none of my family in the last 70 years has been "secretly" labeled a bedwetter, psychoneurotic, with GMP (unsanitary habits), or an FKD (absent w/o leave, desertion).

Every vet knows the military can be a red tape nightmare, particularly the US Army, that branch seems to have more than its share of incompetents. But to his credit, Crosby got a life after Vietnam, a war he volunteered for, harping on the standard crap of bureaucracy, which in 30 years has morphed into a career for Ed, complete with DVD and interviews.

(For horrendous military injustice study the historical treatment of Black America by the Armed Services.)

Crosby states he was denied by the State of NY (scroll down) "the right to take a Civil Service Test because the State Employee punched my SSN into a computer and pulled up my military records ( they are not supposed to have them ) then said there is your code, sorry, NO TEST."

Was it a post office job? Vietnam vets were given priority for postal jobs after the war (and gave new meaning to going postal).

Crosby states in the same breath : "Once the international community sees the proof of this branding of human beings with numbers in America, only one thought will be forthcoming, this is what happened in Nazi Germany, now its going on in America. Who is responsible for this Holocaust 2, look no further than the Justice System, controlled by a secret society, the BAR ASSOCIATION and its members, LAWYERS."

I would have to make a grand leap for that one - being denied a civil service exam as equal to genocide. I bet I could guess the SPN on Edwin Crosby's DD214.

BFN and Crosby mentioned the suicide rates which I've blogged already.

BFN also links to ABC News Nightline, the Bob Woodruff exposé. The same trusty ABC who made Dan Rather the "scapegoat" in the discredited story of Bush's National Guard service; the same ABC who knew the Boy Bush NG story was true but didn't have the balls to back it.

On the surface it would appear the Army discharges soldiers as having a "personality disorder." Hundreds of troops allegedly intentionally discharged with PD so as to not be paid benefits - i.e. not getting that "crazy" check. And that troops discharged on personality disorders who received enlistment money/bonus failed to fulfill their contract, hence owe money to the military. You contracted to perform an x-amount of service for an x-amount of dollars. PD discharges (among others) generally have to repay breach of contract, whether you write a check to the treasury or whether the IRS sends your tax refunds to the government until it's paid.

DoD clarified in 1999 that recoupment of bonus monies did not apply to veterans who were medically discharged with a physical disability. But if you're simply malingering and want a quick and easy out .... then likely you're coded as such and BigDaddy wants his money back. You could fight the label of "personality disorder" and try for another type of discharge, contact your congressman - it works.

Remember too, the US government does not want hoards of angry veterans breaching the perimeters of Capitol Hill.

On the ABC video, Jeffrey Peskoff, handsomely fresh-face former military pay technician and veteran, speaks of quitting his job in disgust at such tactics. A google search of Peskoff shows him commenting on forums since 2005 and stating he "has been diagnosed with numerous mental issues including PTSD after returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom," he's also a backer of Ron Paul, whom many soldiers think will end war and grant all vets all kinds of goodies.

Some folks hype news about the thugs, gangsters, racists, bigots, and psychos the military has been recruiting and enlisting - then bitch when a soldier is labeled as having a personality disorder. Remember Steven Dale Green was discharged due to a "personality disorder." He's the soldier who raped and burned the 14-year-old Iraqi girl and murdered her family. Guess the Army got one right.

In the last 6 years anywhere from 6000 to 22,000 vets, depending on the source, have been discharged on personality disorders. How many are potential Steven Greens and how many are truly being railroaded? How many think a few years in uniform entitles them to a lifetime income and how many deserving men/women are screwed over in red tape? How many video gamers enlist and then want out because a bunk in the sand isn't fun? How many experienced guys with a decade or more in uniform decide they want out and then suddenly understand nothing about how the military works? How many want out by any means necessary and think it won't come back to bite them in the ass because they've always gotten away bite-free?

There's a lot of fraud in government - but there's also a lot of fraud in Americans wanting money for nothing.

House Committee on Veteran Affairs ran a blurb last summer regarding misdiagnosis of veterans - personality disorder versus PTSD because personality disorders generally are not eligible for disability benefits. PD gets you mustered out quick which is attractive to troops wanting out quick, especially if under the impression they'll still get a monthly disability check for life. Since the Vietnam era too many soldiers receive a lifetime of "disability" checks for PTSD they never get over, for minor injuries that never heal - which bleeds funds from those soldiers who truly need and deserve it.

How many of today's vets were wanting out before their contract was up and how many were forced out on PD discharges - it's not like the military is forcing decent men and women out when they have quotas to meet.

There are sad stories out there and the ones I've known of have been remedied - but is there intentional abuse on the part of DoD in some organized structure of scrimping benefits to fund the war or line pockets? Crosby claims $70 billion stolen over the last few decades. Does the government steal? Yessiree, right under your noses and out of paychecks. Maybe Ron Paul can look for those stolen billions since Paul explicitly supports more funding for veterans, and we have 6 active duty/vets here in my immediate family who would like a chunk of that $70 billion.

Crosby claims 100,000 phony veteran claims are collecting $2000 a month adding up to $70 billion stolen by the DoD. The real live veteran doesn't get the benefit, John Doe does, and the real veteran receives "claim denied ... claim denied" until he dies.

I had to listen several times to BFN's interview to understand what Crosby is claiming. Lover of conspiracy that I am this is too unbelievable. To begin with the IRS would wonder why John Doe claims lodging, meals, and mileage for his work-related travel expenses when the record also shows John is receiving $2000 total disability a month for a war injury (believe me the records are integrated), or why he's deducting home improvements yet $2000 a month in his name goes to the Disabled Veterans Home where he's been confined for 10 years.

Or the IRS might wonder why there are 100,000 John Doe's. Or perhaps the DoD is bypassing every American bureaucracy and depositing 100,000 checks per month from John Doe directly into a account - without one bank auditor raising an eyebrow. Obviously the government couldn't be using legitimate veteran names as that sort of massive identity theft would show up in too many places too quickly and too easily, particularly because Crosby claims there's a geographic connection to it. Imagine all the southern Bubbas having their veteran benefits denied for years.

I know our crooked government is good at laundering money but .... there's not enough detergent or machines for this one. According to Crosby the medical records to support his claims have, of course, been destroyed.

Meanwhile, corruption continues on between our corporate government which legislates for the powers that be and every politician who keeps his mouth shut and pocket open. Easy enough, as the sheople continue to look to misfits who make careers out of half-baked theories, and swallow the mainstream truth follies, sometimes referred to as an exposé.

Obviously the SPN now for all Americans is FKD, one way or the other.


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"On the ABC video, Jeffrey Peskoff, handsomely fresh-face former military pay technician and veteran"

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