Monday, February 25, 2008

We Have Friends

In regard to political duplicity, until now I've tried to give Cynthia McKinney the benefit of the doubt. Her recent article Framing Muslims and Locking Up Their Money raises questions, for in this article she begs for funds, and reinforces the games played by political pop stars Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson, and Sibel Edmonds. (Past posts have outlined KAB reasons for disbelieving Plame, Wilson, Sibel as nothing more than staged go-nowhere events, or born by accident but wet-nursed by the media.)

McKinney asks for donors to donate until it hurts to the Holy Land Foundation, an Islamic charity founded in 1989 in Texas, accused of terrorist activities. The foundation was shut down and several defendants went on trial which resulted in a hung jury. Five will be retried this August.

Well, I for one Bubba don't have all the facts of this case - but I do know nothing good has come out of Texas or Florida in a long time. I'm forced to research a little and find on that loathsome site World Nut Daily, that a juror in the case was bullying other jurors who wanted to convict. Maybe true, maybe not.

The indictments were the result of a 14 year investigation - hence Holy Land's problem began in 1993, on Clinton's watch, when the organization was a toddling 3-year-old.

Bubba, I wouldn't show surprise if you told me Holy Land Foundation was a CIA front to finance and foment turmoil in the Middle East and now the boys are just closing down the operation with the added bonus of making the government appear vigilant to some, while transferring assets to personal bank accounts and lining pockets from the multimillion dollar trial costs. Game over.

It is shabby and shoddy that McKinney repeated this : "Why is it that Dennis Kucinich gets a visit from representatives of Nancy Pelosi and AIPAC and they tell him that they will guarantee his reelection if he drops his impeachment effort."

Kucinich has denied this ever happened - it was an internet rumor.

McKinney names as villains the usual suspects, AIPAC, Perle, Feith, Wolfowicz, Zakheim, etc. Yessiree Bubba, many folks think the rich Jews have our politicians by their big hairy huevos.

Now granted, Jews do control way too much of certain American industries - in comparison to their numbers in the US (aprx 2 million). That boob tube you're raising your kids on has more Jewish influence than it should, and yes Jewish powers do own some politicians - but hellfire, someone has to buy them, and if not the Jews, then it's the Chinese or Arabs.

And psssttt, don't tell anyone you heard this from me - but for every Jew with an American politician in his pocket, there's an Arab with one in his too. For every "spy" giving secrets to Jews, there's another spy giving secrets to Arabs. For every wannabe or has been or currently is politician defending the Jews - there's another pol defending the Arabs. Jews aren't the only players with money in America.

And Bubba, it's not just Arabs and Jews your countrymen have sold to - there's Russia, Europe, Asia, and Latin America - I kid you not, I've seen it myself working abroad. And you know what I was told when I asked someone, who had something they shouldn't have had, how the "information" was obtained? The man (not a Jew) said, with a thin smile and thick accent, "We have friends in America."

Yes sir, Bubba, Jews aren't the only ones who can squeeze American huevos.

---Update 2/26/08. Oh my, I forgot to be politically correct and refer to politically influential Jews as Zionists, the Zionist power configuration (ZPC). You know, the bad guy Zionists who influence and coerce the "neocons" to go to war for them, etc.


Liberal White Boy said...

Gosh Kate did you every wonder about why the news media never covers the AIPAC, Rosen and Weissman espionage trial. Or never covered the story of the Mossad spies that were living on top of the Hijackers before 9/11 in New York or in Holywood Florida in any reasonable way. Why do you suppose the video tapes of the Israelis in Liberty Park high fiving and flicking their Bics as the towers burned behind them is classified by our Government. Do you think they got there before the fireworks started? I sometimes wonder why no one cares.

Kate-A said...

Liberal white boy,

Gosh Kate did you every wonder about why the news media never covers the AIPAC, Rosen and Weissman espionage trial.

Could it be because the trial hasn't taken place yet?

... the story of the Mossad spies that were living on top of the Hijackers before 9/11 in New York or in Holywood Florida..."

Those Hijackers would have smelled Mossad a mile away.

...tapes of the Israelis in Liberty Park high fiving and flicking their Bics ...

High-fiving Israeli flicking their Bics? Do you not see how ridiculous that sounds? What proof do you have other than theories from Whatreallyhappened, prisonplanet, rense, etc.?

Five Israeli workers without permits (illegally in the US) were reported high-fiving by a woman who called authorities and took the plate number of their moving van. That's hardly enough to indict them for 911 much less convict. After FBI investigation they were turned over to INS and deported.

You think anyone directly involved and/or with knowledge of the WTC attack is so stupid as to be that obvious and open? You think Mossad/CIA that sloppy?

WTC was an inside job - and the insiders will keep liberal white boys chasing their whodunnit tails like they always do. Fifty years from now you will be no closer to knowing the truth of 9/11 than you are about who fired the magic JFK bullet.

And before assuming I don't care - try to read more than one blog post.

Liberal White Boy said...

Many have commented on the dearth of coverage of this trial Kate, I'm not the only one.

I think you have your head in the sand. You should check out the Christopher Ketcham article that appeared in Counterpunch. It appeared there because no one else would publish it. They are afraid. It was the Forward you just referred me to that first published the story about the high fiving Bic flicking Mossad spies observed in Liberty Park taking video tapes of themselves as the towers burned behind them in Manhattan. The tapes are now classified by our Government

Kate-A said...

Liberal WB
The Forward reported on the status of the 5 men detained by the FBI. The claims you are referring to are from rense, commondreams, Eric Hufschmid, whatreallyhappened, counterpunch, and others stating the Forward, the "respected Jewish newspaper" says this or that, but no links to said newspaper. I know Forward reported the detaining of the men and subsequent deporting.

How do you know the Forward is not planting b.s. just to confuse? All major news sources, and most minor ones, are compromised, have an agenda; rumor is presented as fact; anonymous sources are presented as truth tellers.

Unless reporting simple dry facts I don't put a lot of weight on anything anyone says or reports. There is often truth in the b.s. but picking out what is truth is the problem, and even then the truth found has no meaning in the grand scheme of things, e.g. has any of the "truth" regarding JFK assassination made a difference?

I have a hard time with the image of 5 Mossad spies dancing on a van flicking their bics with joy over the WTC. Not b/c Israel wouldn't be happy about it, not b/c Mossad isn't capable of pulling the job off - but b/c the whole scene reads like a B movie from Hollywood. Didn't BushCo enlist Hollywood early on? The Urban Moving Van was one of the first news items to be thrown to the conspiracy crowds shortly after 9/11.

It's easy to plant a story such as the dancing Israeli but in the long run nothing is ever proven, it's always "classified." Over the last 40 years I've watched information become declassified which was supposed proof of one theory or another - and it never pans out to be the smoking gun. Do people really believe the government is going to release information that could bring the government down? The people may be fed some occasional truth - 60+ years after the fact when the generation it matters to is too old to do much about it.

I remember once upon a time the Zapruder film was going to be the "proof." It's been dissected to death and added only more fuel to the fire.

Even if the public is told Mossad the perps of 9/11 - we would then be told they were rogue agents of Sharon and whadda ya know - Sharon is gone and all the agents have been executed and Israel has repeatedly apologized. The End.

Thousands of stories like the dancing Israeli keep truthseekers expending energy chasing their tales/tails - while the global ruling class of Gentile, Muslim, and Jew, walk hand in hand into the sunset with the big money. They own the chessboard and have billions of pawns to play. If a few pawns have a clue - distract them with intrigue.

BTW, can I link your site here? I don't have a problem with your ideas - I just believe energy would be better spent in direct action, e.g. hitting TPTB in the wallet to get their attention, versus reaction to the stories they feed us.

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