Monday, February 25, 2008


While reading this piece, The Mushrooming Clouds That Hang Over McCain, from Alex Cockburn over at Counterpunch, it seems McCain's "temper" is about the only item the democrats can come up with to skewer McCain. But after Bill's diddlings and not having sex with that woman, which liberals pooh-fooed as nothing - they can hardly now point with moral authority to rumors of McCain getting a piece of outside tail.

Clinton liberals will claim, if they haven't already, that it was natural for a man to lie about having extramarital sex - and that McCain was diddling and shaping policy. Such is the logic of desperate supporters.

COCKBURN: The problem here for McCain is that he's a dunderhead in statecraft, devoid of self control, capricious in moral standards and an imbecile in his lack of political judgment.

Mushrooming clouds - not original at all. The politics of fear? The terrorists are coming to get you or the republicans are coming to get you. The problem here is dunderhead, undisciplined, capricious imbecile describes all politicians (and most of their supporters).

Dunderhead politicians reflect their even more dunderheaded constituency - but the public swallows the idea that such men and women are extremely intelligent (they grad-ge-ated college), they are experienced (sucking on the treasury teat), and want what's best for us (hanging on to their congressional job) - the game aided by paid pundits, image consultants, and other propagandists.

Pay no mind to the fact politicians are all pillaging perverts behind the curtain - every 4 years they will put on that $400 blue shirt, roll up the cuffs, get out of their limo, and prance around claiming to be just average - most will remind you they grew up in a modest suburban shack or 1 bedroom apartment, worked their way through college, and their parents were simple folk who realized the American dream (big time) - and now - the latest twist in twisted - we have a boy from the hood without a daddy, a son of a single mom, with the audacity to hope (that he's the next prez).

I suspect neither Hillary or Obama or any EmptySuit will seriously attack McCain on his political career - that sword cuts both ways - so let them talk of personality (personality disorder, a prerequisite for politicians).

Like the old LBG/Goldwater nuke commercial above - the "opposition" (wink wink) will raise the fear factor of McCain's reported "hot temper" - McCain with eyes ablaze, veins popping, mouth distorted and one ugly finger on the red button. It got LBJ elected, who went on to murder 56,000 American troops and millions of Vietnamese - but he didn't push that republican nuker red button (democrat red button Truman did).

Johnson and Nixon had foul tempers and when angry every other word they used was 4 letters. Both continued to kill in Asia, Africa, and Latin America - but they didn't push that red button.

Then came Jimmy Carter, well ... Jimmy really doesn't count as a president. Carter was a 4 year coffee break for a public abused by LBJ, tricky Dickie, Vietnam war, the '70s oil crisis. Carter was like a bookmark, a page holder during the 444 day Iranian hostage crisis and a face to swear at when waiting in mile-long gas queues in gas guzzling American made cars.

The Jimmah presidency was elevator music; putting the caller on hold while the 2 factions of the white global ruling class regrouped and considered options - will they share a little more with the brown folks or kill more of them off. James Earl, great grandson of a confederate soldier, subsidized peanut farmer who lusted in his heart but never acted on it - but then he never acted on much of anything, other than creating more bureaucracy for the taxpayer to support (Dept of Energy and Dept of Education - note, these departments have not made us smarter or more energy efficient).

Carter, stuck between OPEC and a hard place. The ruling class handed Jimmy a world of crisis - Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the fleeing Shah of Iran, the hostage crisis, the oil crisis. Carter solution - he installed leaky solar panels in the WH and a wood burning stove and told the rest of us to turn down thermostats. And he prayed and waited - anxious I'm sure to head back to Georgia and write books and become a global peace ambassador - a much easier job as it only requires photo-ops and no earth-shaking decision making. His reward for playing the 4 year putz standing around the white house office cooler; a safety valve for the ruling class as he stayed on his knees praying for us while the PTB redesigned our future.

After the Carter intermission, a united ruling class gave Americans the Dunderhead napping Reagan while Nancy consulted astrology charts and argued with Ron's handlers and Poppy Bush ran the country (Reagan's brain). Then Capricious Just Cause Panama Bush was given a third term - to wrest the drug routes and laundrobanks from Noriega. Then came Willy devoid of self-control Clinton, collecting vaginal swabs in the oval office when he wasn't bombing aspirin factories or Yugoslavia or ignoring Rwanda.

All I can say Bubba - is a nation of "progressives" who have tolerated the company of the murdering, wet-brain and vulgar idiot BushCo, no longer has any legitimacy with complaints of Republican statecraft and temper. Why don't you all camp out somewhere, pour red dye on a T-shirt, make red handprints and tell yourselves you make a difference.

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