Friday, February 22, 2008


ManTech International Corp. is an information technology company that does most of its work for the military, intelligence and homeland security agencies.

The vast majority of ManTech's revenue — 95 percent — comes from contracts with the Defense and Homeland Security departments and U.S. intelligence agencies, the company says. ManTech has continued to rack up such contracts. In February, it announced that it had won a five-year, $80 million contract to help manage replacement parts and computer systems on Army tanks, and a seven-year, $89 million anti-terrorism contract with the Defense Department. A month earlier, it was awarded a $49 million Navy contract to research and test sonar systems. The company said it was awarded more than $200 million in classified contracts last year. And it won a $725 million subcontract in September to support the Army's command and intelligence centers around the globe. In a conference call with analysts in February, chief executive George J. Pedersen said the company was "well positioned to continue our double-digit growth into 2007."

ManTech Board of Directors: George J. Pedersen, Robert A. Coleman, Richard L. Armitage, Mary K. Bush, Barry G. Campbell, Walter R. Fatzinger, Jr., Admiral David E. Jeremiah, USN Ret., Richard J. Kerr, Lt. Gen. Kenneth A. Minihan, USAF Ret., Stephen W. Porter, Esq.

Pedersen founded ManTech in 1968, and obviously has done quite well at soliciting and procuring government contracts for 40 years. ManTech is globally huge, huge, huge.

Lt. Gen. Minihan, retired, is former director of NSA and DIA. Admiral David E. Jeremiah, USN a board advisor at JINSA. (I mention that for all the Mel Gibsonite Jews Behind Everything believers.)

Mary K. Bush, although donated to Bush-Cheney, is also a board member on Willy J.'s foundation the Clinton Global Initiative (and on many other military industrial complex boards), since founding her own Bush International in 1991. (Who says affirmative action/priority in business lending doesn't work? I remember the '80s/90s when every white person I knew wanted a Black figurehead of their own. I'm almost giddy Bubba - it really is a new world economic order.) Mary K., to the best of my knowledge, is not the mulatto child of George Herbert Walker Bush.

ManTech's "management team" is still listing the late Eugene C. Renzi. Yep, daddy of newly indicted, 35 counts of extortion, conspiracy, money laundering, etc. - Arizona Representative Ricky Renzi.

I wonder how the "progressives" will spin it ... after all Rick was a co-chairman of McCain's campaign in Arizona (the fans roar, leap to their feet ... it's a score for Obama/Clinton).

Some will say it has to do with Albert Gonzales' list of prosecutors to fire, 8 or 9 were canned (if you remember that distraction last year), that prosecutors were after Renzi when they were dismissed. All that to protect one little incompetent bottomfeeder? I don't think so Bubba.

Eugene Renzi, (drum roll) just died of cancer February 9, 2008 (that's a theory waiting for a conspiracy). Eugene also had extensive experience in Panama, Central and South America. (I bet he did.) But the man is barely cold in his grave and his buddies are throwing son Ricky to the wolves.

Poor Ricky, out of work and with a wife and 12 kids to feed. What's the world coming to when a good Catholic Italian from New Jersey can't run a racket without getting caught. When he doesn't have enough muscle or brain to make it all go away.

Ahhhhh Bubba, occasionally getting to watch polcats and business leaders eat one of their young is the only political fun I have anymore. God, I just wish they'd eat a lot higher up on their food chain.


Shutter said...

Don't forget Mr Armitage who signed the original Protocols of the Founders of the New World order and threatened Mr Mushariff that he would bomb pakistan into the Stone Age if he didn't come across after 9/11

Also Director of small oilco called Conoco Philips who own 10% of Vagit Alekperov's (Putins favourite Rissky oilman) LUKoil with their string of retail gas staions on the East Coast of oe of Britian's ex colonies.

Kate-A said...

Armitage a post unto himself - hopefully everyone knows his rap sheet by now.

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