Monday, February 25, 2008

KAB Cure For Disorders & Diseases

ADHD, ADD, SAD, OCD, anxiety disorders, postpartum depression, situational depression, learning disorders, eating disorders - and dozens of similar afflictions first appeared in American suburbs in the mid 1980s - in epidemic proportions. Luckily Big Pharma had, coincidentally, developed psychotropic drugs to ease the suffering. Almost unheard of in the Black community for decades - the disorders are now rapidly afflicting Black America.

Foundations and self-help groups appeared overnight in the 1980s and new careers and industries created in efforts to reach out to sufferers.

Uncle Loser can't rest at night but sleeps all day, sister can't function except in the mall, dummy kid can't learn anything but Xbox, mama got the blues, daddy got low libido and addicted to sex, Bobby's tourette yells out sonabitch cocksucker, grandpa a drunk, grandma an abuser, Suzie won't eat or can't stop eating or cuts herself, and Billy is the school bully.

According to experts and those afflicted - you're suffering from a self-awareness escape condition, a sustenance deprivation, a chemical imbalance, a disempowerment disorder, or any trauma long past which you can suckle excuses from for a lifetime. It's not your fault - you have a disease, a disorder. You are a victim of the heartbreak of an acronym. If you describe it - they will make a pill to it. Help is as close as your nearest pharmacy and a physician looking for his perks from big pharmaceutical.

KAB prefers a more homeopathic/naturopathic treatment for those who won't stop screwing with their own head, or the head of a family member.

This may hurt a little bit - but you don't really need a big dose of attention (which your parents never gave you and as an adult you haven't earned or deserved), nor do you need that 150-300 mg dose of Fukitol for your sorry self-absorbed life.

Rx: Spend six months with just a few of the many billions who know what suffering really is.

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