Monday, February 11, 2008

Pimp My Pol

Summary: A Washington Post article stated that Chelsea Clinton "is continuing to campaign for her mother despite the campaign's outrage over a remark made by an MSNBC host, David Shuster, that she is being 'pimped out' by the campaign on her mother's behalf"; the article did not explain how the two facts are inconsistent.

----- If two political hoes' like Bill and Hillary can't pimp then who can? Were the Bush twins pimped? Were Mitt's 5 sons in a Winnebago pimped? Are campaign donations used to pay family members? Sure.

Ron Paul, R-Texas paid daughter Lori Pyeatt $163,890. Ron Paul's total rises to $175,509 with additional payments to three other family members. Figures from CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington).

Rep. Dennis Kucinich's cousin, Kimberly Kucinich, was paid more than $35,000 for campaign consulting and fundraising over two elections. In March 2007 Dennis was ordered by the FEC to repay $137,000 for improper use of public money during his ill-fated 2004 presidential run.

Your campaign donations at work. The polite word for political pimpin' is nepotism.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i must admit, given my mom's work as vp of a hosp in memphis, and working for the mayor in his admin, i'd pay hr and my son as well first. Thats who u keep the lot in the fam, but they would be working. You read bout how Chelesa is taking the kids of super delegates out for brekfast, lunch and dinner, now that is pimping, but not Dr. Paul

Kate-A said...

It might not be so bad if the paid family members were legit but most are paid "consultants" which anyone can be called a consultant and paid. Paying family "consultants" is the first line of defense in lowering tax rates for some folks I know.

With most pols being in office for decades, over time millions can be funneled to family members.

And, most of the time the activity looks like what it is - pilfering campaign monies to give to family and friends.

It's a shame all this campaign money is wasted when the powers that be are just going to give us one cheek of the corporate ass anyway, left or right side. I guess it's to pay for the appearance of "democracy."

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