Thursday, August 14, 2008

American Shangri-La

There are a lot of folks who use the labels liberal, progressive, and "Left" interchangeably, and most will argue there are major differences - but there is little if any difference.

Liberals are Democrats. Tax and spend, create more government programs to "help," and allow government to assume responsibility for your needs. In the last decade the adjective "liberal" has become an embarrassment, a sort of synonym for personal immorality and/or a political wuss. Which is why so many Democrats now refer to themselves as "progressive." Claiming to be change artists without changing much of anything. Examples: Obama, Kucinich, Kennedy, Hillary, etc. but all support the status quo of the State. (I have to laugh when Obama and/or Kucinich are called "far-left.")

Progressives are said to be left leaning - Democrats, Greens, some Independents, sometimes third party. They more often advocate "interventionist" economics - believing that redistributing more of the wealth to the poor will solve US social and political problems and save the world. Example: Nader, John Edwards, McKinney, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, etc. Most Democrats consider themselves "progressive" but both Democrats and progressives are standard issued pols with the State's stamp of approval.

Many claim to be anti-war yet in 2001 all but one member of congress, Barbara Lee, voted YES for AUMF (Authorization to Use Military Force in Afghanistan) which led us into the current Middle East mess, and which they continue voting to fund.

The "Left," including Socialists, Maoists, Marxists, etc., generally believe in abolishing capitalism. Many common folks who call themselves "progressives" are actually socialists but the term socialist is not mainstream or acceptable in the US, hence most timid souls use the word "progressive", and continue to trawl for "hope and change" among the usual political suspects - all while dreaming of tyranny by their brand of social and economic justice; some refer to one another as comrades, brothers/sisters, citizens of the world (sometimes with the gang mentality of relentless loyalty to the group, but aspiring for a collective global gang).

But therein lies the problem with American politics - there is no “Left.” There are only liberals, progressives, Democrats, and a pseudo-left: A bunch of folks unable to reason independent from the State, unable to stand by themselves and unable to contribute anything other than the politically correct mantras allowed by the State, but of course flavored with their own profitable modifications and axes to grind. They are easily bought off with trifles and trinkets, and charisma and hot air go a very long way. More frightening is they are completely unaware of what they are, and adamantly believe they have the solution; understandable as most folks cannot acknowledge when they are vacuous and/or full of shit.

Liberals, Dems, Progressives, and the so-called Left - all are conduits of the imperial capitalist State - pretending they know how to create a better world and will give it to you (all you have to do is repeat their manifesto and follow). And all you are gonna get is more State - good and hard.

Essentially, you can say the same for the "Right." Instead of liberals, Democrats, progressives, Left - just insert conservatives, Republicans, neocons, Christo-Zionists.


Liberal White Boy said...

I was going to call myself Leftist White Boy for a while Kate, but I was afraid some of my more conservative readers would not return, and leftists have such a bad reputation in this country. But you're right many on the left and right are little more than status quo loving pantie waste.

Kate-A said...

I think most folks are a mix of liberal and conservative - I am. I think we need new thinkers and new leadership - not the same old pols disguised as green or progressive or independent.

I've known cab drivers and waitresses who have a better grasp of politics/society than our overpriced politicians and intellectuals.

I know what you mean about readers though - I lost most of mine when I stopped spouting the "progressive" party line and began bashing both sides of the aisle instead of focusing on just the Bushites, republicans, "neocons".

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