Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rich/Poor Nothing In Between

The "left/progressives" have ranted to their followers, continuously, of the US police state, the failing dollar and US economy, the spreading global US hegemony, etc. etc. And they are not good at lying about it. For example, the Left "police state" is based on such things as KBR being awarded a contract to build detention centers.

The centers have not been built, and won't be unless there's a need (another Katrina or Mariel boatlift). Add in a bureaucracy like Infraguard and a few progressive lies and you have Left fear mongering at it's finest. According to "whistleblower" Matthew Rothschild the FBI has deputized Infragard members who can kill at will in a martial law situation - it's not true, but made ya scared. Favorite sites for such barkers are Progressive.org, Alternet, DemocracyNow, Dissident Voice, Opednews, etc.

And let's not forget all those snoop laws, habeas, FISA, airport searches that can see through your clothes, etc. The government is just waiting to storm troop into town, roust you from your bed in the middle of night, ship you to a yet-to-be-built KRB detention center where you will be murdered and disposed of in those plastic coffins (see previous post below).

Progressives pimp the solution as you need more "free" stuff from a benign loving government, which only democrats/progressives, or the "left" can secure for you.

And amidst all this doom, gloom, whine, and phoniness - the number of super rich continues to grow. In 1985 there were 13 billionaires in the US - today there are over 1000. Granted, a lot of this wealth is through government contracts or funds in some form or another, etc., as it usually is - in case you haven't noticed how many of the wealthy are made in America with government aid in some way or another.

While progressives moan about tax breaks for Halliburton, KBR, Exxon, etc. those same breaks benefit the overnight millionaire landowners in western North Dakota , who have a much better chance of striking it rich from oil than they do playing the lottery.

These tax cuts also benefit most every member of congress and all your favorite politicians, pundits, and celebrity heroes. (By the way Dummie Bush did not ask for these tax cuts. Congress added them to the 2001 tax-cut bill, which was enacted at a time when policymakers assumed budget surpluses would surpass $5 trillion over the coming decade, Bush and congress have continued the cuts.)

You don't really believe those tax returns released by politicians, read that way when they are out of office do you?

The rich get richer and the poor, thanks to socialist styled programs, get their tax rebates, EIC, stimulus checks - and other "free" stuff - housing, foodstamps, Medicaid, job training, etc.

Progressives would have you believe there is a ship of really big "free" stuff coming in (when they are elected), and it will be funded by taxing the rich. Not true - the rich have always gotten out of paying their fair share of taxes - but progressive sheople are taught their station in life is dependent on government programs which must be funded by the greedy rich.

That's right Joe Chump, you are helplessly and economically downtrodden unless the government gives you the substance you need. (Psssst, that's the same oppressive, imperialist, capitalist government you rail against.)

Progressives lead you to believe, after their candidate is elected, that a good-hearted government daddy is going to pay for your lifestyle - but you're gonna get punked. In case you're too young to notice, or too clueless, over the past 40 years there has been a direct correlation between the growth of social programs and the taxes withheld from your paycheck, and the "fees" and other hidden taxation you pay on everything necessary for the needy lifestyle. You have paid and will pay for your "free" stuff - not the wealthy, not the ruling class.

What frightens the ruling class is that you, little schmucker, might one day acquire an education and some ambition - imagine how crowded the economic playing field would be. Please stay poor, helpless, and ignorant.

Imagine the empty tax coffers if more folks were self-employed and/or knowledgeable on how to avoid unnecessary taxation. It's much safer to have the "poor" led by those faux-angry big-hearted "progressives" demanding "free" programs for you, assuring you that you cannot work your way through college (too strenuous), you cannot and need not speak intelligible English (ebonics and Spanglish are fine), and it is not your fault at all that you are ignorant and criminally inclined - it's the government's fault, it's rich folks fault.

Progressive folks recently turned on their own, The Obamassiah, when he chastised Black men for not being responsible fathers. It's not culturally cool to play dad, especially when Jaquita herself doesn't know for sure who's the daddy. Thank god for the department of family services and DNA.

Oops, some on the Left might accuse me of that ugly terminology "personal responsibility." Or, my favorite, I'll be accused of worshiping the rich; by those on the left who earn theirs from "worshiping" the poor.

In the meantime, almost no one champions the disappearing middle class, clinging to god and guns and prone to traditional family-ism. But hell, the middle class is in the way of all that "free" stuff to come, who needs 'em.


Ninny said...

You need to either up you medication or throw it in the trash.

Kate-A said...

Oh that's original "up you [sic] medication".

I'll do that as soon as all Americans get that "free" healthcare.

ziz said...

My old dad used to say, the rich, like the poor are always with us.

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