Monday, August 18, 2008

Peddlers & Pushers

Investigative reporter Ron Suskind's new book, The Way of the World charges that the White House, seeking to justify its invasion of Iraq, ordered the CIA in late 2003 to forge evidence of a link between Iraq and al Qaeda.

Suskind, a Pulitzer-winning reporter and relentless chronicler of this administration's secrets, depicts a White House with a simpleminded bully in the Oval Office taking direction from a paranoid vice president -- and caps off his latest expose with what he acknowledges sounds a lot like an impeachable offense.

"Suskind writes in his new book that the order to create the letter was written on 'creamy White House stationery.' The book suggests that the letter was subsequently created by the CIA and delivered to Iraq, but does not say how.

---- Yawn. Actually, I would say Bush is simply simpleminded and Cheney is the paranoid bully - and both are ordered around by the Poppy Bush 1000 points of light political faction. I would also say this administration has no secrets - they've been slapping the crap out of you with the real world of politics for 8 long years.

A recurring figure in Suskind's latest book is the head of Hussein's intelligence service, Tahir Jalil Habbush al-Tikriti - a bad guy in the Saddam regime and now with a State Department $1,000,000 price on his head.

The London Telegraph first reported on the allegedly forged Habbush letter in December 2003 - Newsweek quickly reports that the document is probably a fabrication, citing both the FBI’s detailed Atta timeline and a document expert who, amongst other things, distrusts an unrelated second “item” on the same document, which supports a discredited claim that Iraq sought uranium from Niger (the Wilson/Plame distration). "It will later be revealed that many forged documents purporting a link between Iraq and al-Qaeda were left in places for US troops to find."

Would that be the CIA clandestine services dropping documents for troops to find? Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy work - where was Mossad when BushCo needed plausible forgery.

The faked "letter" or memo dated July 1, 2001, is supposedly written by Habbush to Saddam "describing a three-day “work program” Atta participated in at Abu Nidal’s base in Baghdad. The link between Saddam and 9/11. The order to do a fake Habbush letter was written on "creamy" White House stationery, which George Tenet took back to CIA and let guys like Robert Richer take a peek. Although Tenet vehemently denies such a creamy White House letter ever existed.

Three-day work program? Sounds like a short college work/study stint. And the CIA so dumb they didn't even check the itinerary of Atta to assure it meshed with this 3-day program in Baghdad?

Suskind's main snitch in TWOTW is Robert Richer, former CIA #2 man in clandestine operations. Richer quit in 2005 because he was unhappy with Porter Goss' direction. Richer, with 35 years in the Agency reported he "lost confidence" in the agency's leadership." Richer, the spy manager, "wanted something more expansive in reforming and expanding the clandestine service within the CIA, while reducing the side of the agency that conducts analysis..." He wanted to e-x-p-a-n-d the clandestine. Clandestine services (HUMINT-think job creation) encompasses international, military, and political issues. Richer wanted more covert surveillance. Maybe Richer should have waited around as Goss left a few months later, to be replaced by General "Let's-Spy-on-Everyone" Hayden.

It sounds to me Bubba like Mr. Suskind has seen one too many Tom Clancy spy thrillers where one faction of the government keeps a creamy letter implicating higher ups in the government, their chip in the big game of Clear and Present Danger. Except the big screen's CIA head is Harrison Ford, a good guy and way better looking than Tenet, and Ford has to break into the bad guy's safe to steal a peek at the damning creamy colored document.

(Suskind, won his Pulitzer as a feature writer for WSJ - and we all know the Wall Street Journal is trustworthy. His feature stories for the Pulitzer in WSJ were about Cedric Jennings, who Suskind met in 1994, an inner-city honor student in Washington, D.C. Suskind later wrote A Hope in the Unseen, the legitimate story of the Jennings odyssey from inner city to Ivy League. Hope Unseen is mandatory reading in many college courses.)

Since Hope Unseen, Suskind has written articles and books predicting things to come, i.e. Bush would privatize Social Security immediately upon reelection in 2004.

In the book The One Percent Doctrine Suskind states Osama bin Laden (apparently still alive and well) wanted Bush reelected in 2004.

If you like writers who focus on becoming NYT bestselling bashers you will love Ron Suskind, and his counterpart, Jerome Corsi, who had bestselling hits with Unfit for Command (Kerry bashfest), Atomic Iran (democrat pols corrupted by Iranian money), and his latest The Obama Nation. Corsi is also known as a 9/11 truther and impeach Busher, but he did co-author a rebuilding America book with Ohio political crookster Kenneth Blackwell. Corsi has been accused of plagiarism - but heck, when so many pop culture authors are shilling the same themes - they're gonna sound alike.

Kind of reminds me of what's his name, Michael Moore - all these guys (and gals) wetting their fingers in the wind to see what trendy political/social plot might sell next.

Oddest thing is, the US is a nation of non-readers and politically apathetic bumpkins - so who buys these books? Go figger. Maybe the CIA buys a lot of copies - just to make ya think damn near the whole nation is reading and believing these political peddlers - armed with no proof, no credible witnesses, no hard facts, no smoking guns - just pushing bullshit and hearsay - check publisher listings for price and availability.


Kathy said...

"Oddest thing is, the US is a nation of non-readers and politically apathetic bumpkins - so who buys these books?"

I would offer that "bestsellers" are purchased in bulk by foundations and corporations, discounted or gifted to the rabble, and hidden as loss down the line. As a Goodwill/Salvation Army book shopper, I found that the political/religious bestsellers for the past 20 years or so are unread when I purchase them. The local Goodwill admitted that they routinely take tons of books to the landfill.

I look forward to KAB posts and hope they continue. I prefer straight-talkers who forego self-promotion.

Kate-A said...

I think you're correct - lots of foundations and corporations. And public libraries always buy the bestseller listed books, as do 1000s of colleges, etc.

I've always shopped used book stores where ever I lived and absolutely the books least read are politics, economics, religious. I call them coffee table books. They sit on the coffee table until put in the box in the garage for the Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.

And thanks a lot, I hope to be back posting more soon. It's been a hectic summer for us - plus the total phoniness of politics and the gullibility of so many who think they have found messiahs in this or that pundit, pol, or pusher - has me so "apathetic." Hehehehe.

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