Friday, August 15, 2008

Those "Politically Mature" Europeans

November 2004, Madrid: Rio Ferdinand has said he was ready to come off the field after Spanish fans hurled abuse at England's black players in Wednesday's friendly in Madrid. England's Shaun Wright-Phillips and Ashley Cole were subjected to monkey chants from sections of the crowd.

February 2008, Madrid: Racist who taunted Brit track ace Lewis Hamilton during pitstops could cost Spain its Grand Prix, F1 chiefs warned last night. Whizkid Hamilton — a hate figure among Spaniards after a bitter row with ex-McLaren teammate Fernando Alonso last year — faced boos and racist chants as he tested his new car on Saturday. And last night a motor racing website displayed disgraceful photographs of so-called F1 supporters wearing black make-up and dark wigs at the track yesterday.

August 14, 2008: A photo of the Spanish men's Olympics basketball team, using their index fingers as if to slant their eyes, has sparked controversy with Asian rights groups. The image, showing the players pushing up the outside corners of their eyes, was taken before the team left Spain for Beijing.


ziz said...

Off topic re Google censorship

Kate-A said...


Goggle and anything connected to google is easily bought by those "rich" who, as your dad says, are always with us.

I no longer expect governments to "protect" or not protect the peasantry's "freedom" of speech/expression - the billionaires are the only ones who can buy ... er I mean construct & protect their reputations and privilege. India may not give up the name of the blogger, but I expect they will - but the mission has been accomplished (blog takedown).

I suspect we the people should be grateful we're allowed to blog at all. Blog what "they" want and you might be a blogstar.

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