Saturday, August 23, 2008

From the Biden Compound

No surprise Biden is the VP pick, is it?

Hillary was out - no one likes the Clintons anymore and she can use the next 4 years to mend her image, and besides, she's a woman who has played second fiddle long enough and is not gonna go there anymore.

Edwards pecckerdillo on a dying wife - he's out.

Bill Richardson didn't have a chance - too many clingy white folks would turn from this mix Mex (one minority on the ticket is enough), and Richardson had abandoned his good friend Hillary for Obama only because he hoped for the VP slot - the career climbing too obvious. No one likes a brown-noser (no pun intended).

Those never-heard-of-'em such as Kathleen Sebelius had nary a chance - Obama needs muscle, not makeup - it was a brief sound byte for Obama to pander to the feminist vote.

Evan Bayh was out because too many of us might remember daddy Birch Bayh's incident with Pixie Grismore.

(You know, when they talk about the body count of politicians they're not kidding.)

Biden is to Obama what Cheney is to Bush (handler/babysitter, ready to step in and be president).

August 18, statement from Biden upon return from the Russia/Georgia conflict: "When Congress reconvenes, I intend to work with the Administration to seek Congressional approval for $1 billion in emergency assistance for Georgia, with a substantial down payment on that aid to be included in the Congress' next supplemental spending bill. This money will help the people of Georgia recover from the damage that has been inflicted on their economy and send a clear message that the United States will not abandon this young democracy. I hope this $1 billion commitment will be matched by others in the international community.

"Russia's actions have already erased the possibility of advancing legislative efforts to promote U.S.-Russian partnership in the current Congress, including an agreement to allow for increased collaboration with Russia on nuclear energy production and the repeal of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment, which currently blocks the country's integration into the World Trade Organization. Russia’s failure to keep its word and withdraw troops from Georgia risks the country’s standing as part of the international community. That is not the future the United States or Europe want – but it is the future Russia may get if it does not stand down its forces and live up to its commitments."

---- Note the "emergency" spending (see Welfare/Warfare below).

Obama's original statement on the Russia/Georgia "crisis," August 8, was a generic call for cooperation and the usual UN "peacekeeping" solution, yadayada, but on August 9th Barack flip-flopped to "condemn Russia's aggressive actions...," after hearing hawk McCain's response, and after Biden told Obama to talk tougher.

I remember Biden from the '80s as the "Drug Czar." Under the Reagan administration Joe created the nation's Drug Czar Office to oversee the federal government's anti-drug strategy. Another "War on" that will never be won but forever funded.

On the issues Biden is rated as "left-liberal."

Using the above grading Biden scores 70% on the Personal Score and 10% on Economic Score.

Personal Score measures how much one believes government should intervene in people's personal lives. Personal issues include health, morality, love, recreation, prayer and other activities that are not measured in dollars. Above 60% means the candidate believes in tolerance for different people and lifestyles. A score below 40% means the candidate believes that standards of morality & safety should be enforced by government.

Economic Score measures how much one believes government should intervene in people's economic lives. A low score (below 40%) means the candidate believes that a good society is best achieved by the government redistributing wealth.

Essentially, Biden, with a P score of 70% believes we the unwashed masses can self-govern when it comes to personal choices e.g. sex, drugs, recreation, pulling the plug on a loved one, god - but with a 10% E score, Joe believes that only the State is qualified to give us the "good society," after all, we have been too busy doping, dumbing down, and f*cking around to take care of ourselves.

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