Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Paranoia Runs Deep

Another call to sign. Why The World Can't Wait – Drive Out the Bush Regime!

Ever wonder if the reams of webpage signatures for the last 5 years is just another way "they" can collect information? Making their list, checkin' it twice, gonna find out - which peasants with internet access are signing up to "stop them"?

I remember the old days when word of mouth and printed flyers could have hundreds of thousands show up. No need to "sign up."

There's more than one name listed as endorsers to the "World Can't Wait/Drive Out Bush" who I would refuse driving anywhere with.

Besides, they want to "drive out the Bush regime" and I wanna drive all the sonsumbitches out, which includes more than a few democrats and various other fatcats. And get real folks – do you think you're going to "drive out" the Bush regime? By the time enough protestors haul their fat butts off a chair and protest, the next election will have come and gone, and it will be the republican netrooters' turn to call for an end to the Hill/Bill regime.

Stop looking for change via votes and puny gatherings of protestors. The time for massive protest was BEFORE. Anti-Bushians should have taken to the streets en masse in November, December 2000 when the "election" was obviously coup'ed, not that it would have made much difference in where we are today. We'd be looking at President Joe Lieberman (after Gore's convenient accident or assassination).

While there are good decent people calling for a general strike or school walk-outs for a day – a day won't even register on the political scale. Remember it took the Montgomery boycott 1 year and 16 days to make any social and political change. And the ruling class have a lot more at stake in war profits than they ever did in Alabama buses. You have to hit "them" in their wallets. Good and hard. Longer than a day. And oh yes, it will inconvenience the hell out of your lifestyle too.

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