Saturday, September 30, 2006

Silence of the Lambs

I've ran into Molly Ivins Habeas Corpus, R.I.P. several times. Must be this week's "progressive" spoonful of rant and fear.

Seems the fear is the recently passed bill will eliminate the right of habeas corpus for those detained as enemy combatants. Fear for a law that pertains to non-citizens? I suppose Big Daddy Government's long arm could label many of us Joe Regular folks as "enemy combatants" but I've other things to fear (American education system for example).

Many seem to forget Clinton smoothed the way with similar "keepin' us safe" bullshit with the Comprehensive Terrorism Protection Act of 1995. All the rightwing sites at the time were rabid with claims of how Clinton's provisions would "present cause for grave concern with even the best of Presidents in office." Rants on the Clinton administration's brazen lust for power, and its shameless exploitation of the Oklahoma tragedy for political gain. The incessant power grabs of the Clinton administration … on and on, on and on.

Clinton was accused by the "right" of battling terrorism with tyranny, now the "left" yells the same slogan. Might say, without evoking Hitler but staying domestic, it's the same shit, different asshole.

Remember the first Republican, Abe Lincoln, also suspended the writ of habeas corpus in 1860 or '61; to be reinstated in 1866. Woodrow Wilson's imprisonment of Eugene Debs. FDR's incarceration of Japanese Americans. Etc. etc. Infringement on the peoples rights is at the whim of the powers that be.

Habeas corpus doesn't worry me. Nor the Patriot Act, which can be rolled back if the people want to. We need honest elections, public accountability of the government, and an honest press. Elections are rigged, the press 99% propaganda, and government pardons itself.

If pols are held accountable, elections honest and open, and the media "fair and balanced" even a dictator could be done away with. In 2000 when SCOTUS appointed the pResident it indicated Americans and their "representatives" would accept nonsense as reason.

Since the assassination of JFK I've watched the entire system slowly distort - crisis after crisis, hoax after hoax - making the American public dumber, dependent, and more infantile.

Everywhere I look Americans are dependent on government handout, from a few dollars worth to a few million – whether welfare mom, disability, corporate subsidy, or federal xxx-based initiative. Everyone I know receives some form of dole, outside of myself and family (although my sons joke the military is just welfare with honor). Americans are not outraged in great numbers because most are getting a free lunch somewhere from the government. They won't bite the hand that feeds them.

The "war on terror" is the newest lucrative industry to lead the sheep, from minimum wage airport worker to billionaire defense contractors. The times remind me of the serenity prayer: grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

The majority of Americans, with no serenity or courage, don't seem to know the difference. The most manipulated population on the planet bleating over planned and planted news bytes of fear and propaganda. Distracted with vague fuzzy threats to civil liberty, framed by poetic pundits from the "left" or "right" - while the legal plunderers plunder on.


Ray Duray said...

Serenity? To paraphrase Colonel Nathan Jessup, "I can't handle serenity!" I'd much rather have the truth.

With obviously too much time on my hands, insomnia racking my tortured soul (exageration alert) and some curiousity I took a peek at some of your favored links.

In the realm of 9/11 research, I might recommend a couple of sites that are keeping more current information in front of the public.

I've become a minor contributor at 9/11 Blogger:

This is one website that seems to the very driven to keep the 9/11 story alive today.

I noticed that you link to Mark Elsis's 9/11 Timeline. There's another one out there that I find to be quite excellent as a research tool, that being the Paul Thompson timeline which has a kick-ass search engine:

Friends of mine have put together a website promoting 9/11 videos:

A couple of really outstanding new videos you can check out online or purchase are "9/11 Press For Truth"

"9/11 Mysteries"

Another new, growing and outstanding website is 9/11 Scholars For Truth:

OK, back to your regularly scheduled programmming... "The Life and Times of Serenity Lane"

Kate-A said...

I used "serenity" in the sense of being free and clear of storms; so many Americans prefer lives of petty drama. I always found truth to be serene. :)

I'll check out those links and add to page, although I'm not convinced some of the "scholars" for truth aren't pushing an agenda that muddy the waters.


Ray Duray said...

Kate said: "I'm not convinced some of the "scholars" for truth aren't pushing an agenda that muddy the waters."

Yes, we are covering that waterfront. Here's something that addresses the 'agent provocateur' issue pretty well:

Anonymous said...

I’ve reached a point where alarms go off when someone refers to the Serenity Prayer - but not in this case. As inspirational literature, the serenity prayer is remarkable. However, I’ve seen it go through the revision grinder of what’s-his-name in Nineteen Eighty-Four. Adopted by AA in the 1940s, the serenity prayer became a controlling mechanism of 12-step groups and subsequently of churches where it was also repopularized. I watched it evolve into “keeping the peace” and “going along to get along” in the face of societal changes engineered by the elite. The sheep are bleating out the still small voice.

Adverse repercussions are a certainty in the pursuit of serenity and in demonstrations of courage. But what the hell, you only live once (perhaps)!

Kathy F.

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