Saturday, January 12, 2008


"The next president may have to deal with a nuclear attack," averred ABC's Charles Gibson at Saturday night's Democratic presidential debate. "The day after a nuclear weapon goes off in an American city, what would we wish we had done to prevent it and what will we actually do on the day after?"

------ What a child-like question. My 14 y/o granddaughter asks similar - " ... nana, what would you do if ..." which can be answered in generalities and what I think I would do or hope to do but the "what if" is so unlikely to take place that it would be wasted breath if not for the enjoyment of our fantastical conversations.

But the article above is regarding Sibel Edmonds. Sibel is the former FBI contract translator who after 6 months on the job (Sep '01 to Mar '02) was disillusioned at the management failures, case backlogs, turf battles and bureaucratic gold-bricking - and filed a civil suit promptly in 2002 when she was fired.

In the beginning, Sibel's complaints were simply about backlogs and office battles. After losing her job - her accusations have metastasized into a cancer of treasonous neocons, spies, spooks, nukes, US connections to al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations, drug dealing and money laundering - you know, all the things the ruling class henchmen do for profit.

Sibel instantly became a progressive/liberal hero. A sort of Daniel Ellsberg whistleblower, and we know all too well that the Pentagon Papers sent hundreds of liars and politicians to prison and made the world a better place (just kidding).

Initially, "Edmonds had told the FBI that another translator, who has not been publicly identified, belonged to an organization that was a target of FBI surveillance and had not reported contacts with a foreign government official who was under surveillance."

Sounds like a cat fight got her fired as the other translator in the situation was female.

If her wheel squeaks long enough maybe big daddy government will settle - meanwhile she's been an extremely useful distraction. Sibel came forward just in time. If you recall, George Tenet and the CIA were taking heat over 9/11 when Edmonds stepped forward to tell us it was the FBI! An FBI corrupted, infiltrated, negligent, incompetent, and guilty, guilty, guilty. Around the same time Sibel's finger pointed to FBI treason, Wilson and CIA Plame became "victims." Can ya believe it? Folks trying to pin the blame on the CIA when it was the FBI all along? (One would almost think the CIA planted Sibel at the FBI.)

Fortunately for them, these very attractive "victims" profit from victimhood while changing the political landscape only by adding height to the level of bullshit - shoveled to confuse, obfuscate, distract.

Edmonds claims an "entire wing of the national security bureaucracy, associated with the neoconservatives, has long profited" .... and names Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas J. Feith, and Richard Perle (the usual suspects). And does so with such impunity and large cojones.

Which just begs the question - why is Mizz Sibel still upright and breathing if she has the goods on the Jew-neocons Wolfowitz, Feith, and Perle? You know, those guys stand accused by many as the architects of the Iraq War, PNAC, the staging of 9/11, etc. etc. Despicable men whom only a mother could love.

Odd, the theft and selling of nuclear secrets has been going on for decades with plenty of books written and whistles blowing regarding Pakistan, A.Q. Khan, and other similar spooky scenarios such as in Sibel's story. If you have kept up on the field of nuclear trafficking transactions Sibel's "news" is mostly old news with the latest neocon names thrown in - and yet, the American "left/progressive" calls the "revelations" an extraordinary bombshell. Fire in the hole!


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