Sunday, January 20, 2008

Flip This Country

Great Fixer Upper 4 Sale, Cheap!

"Last May, a Saudi Arabian conglomerate bought a Massachusetts plastics maker. In November, a French company established a new factory in Adrian, Mich., adding 189 automotive jobs to an area accustomed to layoffs. In December, a British company bought a New Jersey maker of cough syrup.

For much of the world, the United States is now on sale at discount prices. With credit tight, unemployment growing and worries mounting about a potential recession, American business and government leaders are courting foreign money to keep the economy growing."

"We are making the transition to a different world, with new centres of power. But at the same time, it is likely to continue to be a market-based global economy with open trade and investment. It's not to be feared but it will take time for those accustomed to calling the shots to adjust."

---- Meet the new bosses - maybe they really are new bosses.

Perhaps off topic, but someone asked me this past week why I oppose a one world government. Their thinking is that such a setup would bring world peace and prosperity, similar to what they read on Xmas cards. I disagree. I mean, as if the United Nations has done squat for world peace over the last 60 years, and a world governance would be of similar design to the UN, if not the UN.

To my thinking a one world governing body would basically mean individual nations send guys like Bush, Blair, Chirac, Merkel, Vincent Fox, Chavez, Idi Amin, King Fahd, etc. yeeeehaw, to the world council who then in turn elect the "one world prez" who's job would be to pass or veto the choices presented by the representatives.

Perhaps, to keep it simple, one world government could be continental - one rep prez from Africa - Antarctica - Asia - Europe - North America - South America - Oceania. Which might mean the North American elected rep is from Alberta or Hildago. Imagine the vote fraud if you want. In the future the "left" could be claiming the N.A. presidential election was rigged in favor of Felipe de Jesus Calderon Hinojosa and John Kerry really won - the recount proves it!

If ya think D.C. is out of touch with constituents now - just wait until government goes global. And yet, would we even need 535 congress critters? And, what are ya goin' do when an elected US prez-rep says there's nothing he can do about that global law raising your taxes or lowering your consumption of goods - the president of the world council, i.e. Prince Bandhar, has deemed otherwise and signed the global legislation into law, because continent A, B, or C needs more.

On the other hand, can you envision all the sheople from each continent agreeing to live as one (excluding John Lennon)? For one world government to succeed there will be a lot of killing to make the village, which is kinda sorta what's gone on for centuries.

But serially folks, One World is the warm-fuzzy euphemism for the global rich folks' United Empire. Are we there yet?


Anonymous said...

With all of the outsourcing of jobs from the U.S. to other countries that many companies have done, it seems like they could have saved a lot of money. Not saying the companies you mentioned outsourced, but I believe Citibank has (not mentioned in your article), because most of the time I call them I get a representative in India or some othe country. Even with the oustsourcing, Citibank seems to be feeling some pain right now. I'm sure they are not the only one.

A one world government certainly does not sound attractive to me. I like visiting other cultures and other people and I enjoy the difference influences. It would be most uninteresting to have everyone under the same jurisdiction.

Anonymous said...

Make that "different influences."

Kate-A said...

I agree with you about enjoying cultural differences/influences.

Fredrick Douglass said :

"Beat and cuff your slave, keep him hungry and spiritless, and he will follow the chain of his master like a dog; but feed and clothe him well, -- work him moderately -- surround him with physical comfort, -- and dreams of freedom intrude. "

Sometimes I think we're witnessing the West/masses being maintained just hungry enough and spiritless enough to follow the master like a dog.

Wouldn't want real freedom to intrude.

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