Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rats From the Right

Former right wingnut libertarian Paul Craig Roberts, supposedly an anti-war, anti-BushCo progressive himself now, continues to thrill the "left" with another dire warning We're All Prisoners Now. (Previous post on Roberts from KAB.)

Progressives excuse Roberts past decades of rightwingishness with the popularly cute notion that he was a good Reagan-styled conservative until the BushCo neocon regime took over - and then he awoke from his stupor and began to pay attention. Sure he did, he admits as much.

Does it not bother the progressive left that Paul Crapster received regular funding from the John M. Olin foundation (and other rightwing tanks) for years? Olin is/was a rightwing think tank funded by a chemical and munitions fortune. (Note, Roberts stupor ended approximately the same time the funds did.)

Olin Foundation grants $1, 270,000 to Roberts:
1-1-2002 - 50,000
1-1-2001 - 75,000
1-1-2000 - 75,000
1-1-1999 - 100,000
1-1-1998 - 100,000
1-1-1997 - 100,000
1-1-1996 - 100,000
1-1-1995 - 100,000
1-1-1994 - 100,000
1-1-1993 - 100,000
1-1-1992 - 50,000
1-1-1992 - 100,000
1-1-1991 - 50,000
1-1-1990 - 25,000
1-1-1989 - 25,000
1-1-1986 - 50,000
1-1-1985 - 50,000

Just kinda makes me wonder which think tank payroll Roberts is on now; a brief search found nothing. What a drop - from WSJ to Aljazeera and little known "alternative" weekly news. Also, currently a syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicate (along with Oliver North, Michelle Malkin, Joseph Farah, and Pat Buchanan).

Yessirree, we're all prisoners now - prisoners forced to accept "former" rightwing mouthpieces as the new apostles of truth and justice who will save America.

No word yet on who will save us from the new apostles.

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Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to collate all of this information on pundits and who they actually work for. Half of the understanding policy/wonkspeak is figuring out who is buttering the bread. Thanks!

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