Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The "left" continues into its 3rd year of ranting and railing against the Iraq War (note, rare to no rant of Afghanistan war). I say 3rd year because from 2001 to 2005 nearly 99.9 percent of pols and pundits and talking heads tiptoed around; still in 9/11 shock and pain and grief, if you believe the excusers as to why no one spoke sooner.

The rants mainly regard the Iraq body count, the world hates us, impeach Bush and/or Cheney, illegal spying on Joe Nobody, stolen/rigged voting, and a bevy - yes I say, a bevy - of mistreated white women, i.e. Valerie Plame, Sibel Edmonds, Janis Karpinski, etc. And recently, with the "economic meltdowns" the cry has been the empire is collapsing and you just don't know it yet, run chickenlittle run and get your helmet.

Need I mention that the "left" from one corner of the mouth will say US troops are comprised of gang members and thugs, troops who rape and kill at random and wantonly without conscience - but then, from the other side of the mouth they cry, weep, mournfully rage about government treatment of the same troops.

(Some even lay blame for Laurean's gruesome murder of Lauterbach on the Marine Corp not doing enough. Makes as much sense as Dub Dimshit down at the local diner claiming "it's cause we let all those Mexicans in.")

And the "left" still wonders why their voice is not heard. Why, why, oh why are people not waking up from their slumber, looking through the smoke and mirrors and putting an end to this war. Why oh why.

Here's likely why: Only 0.5 percent of 300+ million Americans are personally invested in the Iraq War; the 150,000 +/- troops serving there. Add the family members and friends and still you have maybe, perhaps at most 1.5 percent of the US population. Then if you subtract the directly invested families who are as disgusted with the left as they are the right - you might end where you started - back at 0.5 percent.

The "left" knows this, the "right" knows this, the moderates and centrists know it, democrat and republican pols know it. They do the math. Making a non-issue an issue is what they do to pretend you the people have a say in running the nation. The war is a non-issue because the powers that be will call it over when they are ready - not when a fraction of the public says to call game over.

Those 99.5 percent of Americans not directly effected by the Iraq war are not against the war per se, in fact many jobs are now related to the Iraq war, the war on terror, homeland security, etc. Not Joe Lowpay jobs, but more in the IT (info-tech) and security equipment industries. Jon Pinstripe down the street procured a multi-million dollar contract from another big government contractor to design and manufacture bomb-proof guard shacks. Jon and his 12 employees are so thrilled they held a banquet at the country club last weekend. Jon and friends benefit from the old "trickle down" theory.

Paid professional talking heads who lean "left" hammer and batter the public with the idea that the war is costing Joe his freebies, his rights, his respect in the world, and ... oh yes, our troops and those innocent Iraqi who are killed. Note those disgusted most with war relate the cost first and foremost to Joe Havenothing citizen. Troops, Iraqi, and "our image abroad" come in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.

But! Aha! Maybe today's public, not making any significant move to "end the war now" is not so easily fooled. Maybe Joe knows, even if the war ended tomorrow, he's never going to get respect and his free stuff.

Joe knows that the free healthcare everyone seems to want to use war funds for will eventually cost him dearly; in that area on his paystub called withholding.

He knows when the war "ends" millions of middle eastern brothers and sisters will be imported as American profiteers make attempts to please world opinion; the care and tender of such generosity has always been on Joe's dime.

Joe knows he can get an occasional free lunch, however, it's always a peanut butter sandwich when his mouth waters for prime rib. And even when he gets a little government re-bait money - it goes for past due bills, not prime rib.

Joe knows when the war "ends" the pump price will not go down much; food and utility costs will always rise, and his wages will forever and never keep up. And that's the Joe who works - there are millions of other Joes in front of the television who see no reason to toil at deadend jobs - not when there's a shitload of free comin' any day now.

The "left" never seems to tire of a chorus of crickets. Republicans and the right gotta love it.

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