Monday, January 14, 2008

Step Right Up, 25 Count'em 25

Twenty-five U.S. Military Officers Challenge Official Account of 9/11.

Think long and hard and do some research before you cream your jeans over the above statement. OpEd News is one of those many "left leaning, tough, progressive" sites that sprang up suddenly fully funded from nowhere, or were hobbies and became "instant sensations" after the 2000 elections and 9/11.

Gawd - you would almost think the government was ready for the public's reaction. But, let's look at a few on the list of 25 official brassed up challengers.

Col. Ronald Ray - Author of Gays: In or Out? The U. S. Military & Homosexuals--A Sourcebook, (NY: A Maxwell Macmillan Company, 1993), listing reasons to maintain the ban on gays in the military. Ray also testified before congress with such wizened remarks as "At the very least homosexuals would have to be specially identified to ensure their blood not be used, as a protection to other soldiers." He didn't wanna "feminize" the military.

Col. Anthony Shaffer and Capt. Scott Philpott. Both of Able Danger fame and fear op which was originally hyped in 2005, by Curt Weldon.

Capt. Eric May. The captain has been covered at KAB before. In the pic of Capn' May it appears he wears the MI crest, Army Commendation Medal (my sons have a bunch of those); the middle ribbon looks like it could be a Selective Service Distinguished Service Medal which would be non-military and handed out by the governor, and the last a Good Conduct Medal - you get that for every 3 consecutive years on active duty without getting in trouble. Let's just say not much on his chest. (Also, retired means Eric retired his commission, not that he had 20 or 30 years in the military.)

Maj. General Albert Stubblebine. This guy takes most of the fruit in the cake. Known as General Spoonbender. Albert led the Pentagon's paranormal experiments for a while in the '80s. The General believes in UFOs, channeling, etc. Now, I personally have an unidentified object incident witnessed in the Rocky Mountains that I would never admit to, but Stubblebine also believes he can view the surface of Mars, inside your closet, and inside your mind with remote viewing or RV for short. Not a government camera - no sirree - he sees with his mind. No way will I follow a man who can sense with his mind what's in my dresser drawers.

It also appears many of these 25 characters received their "truth movement" blessing through Alex Jones, and Jones as you probably know is a good ol' boy planet doom salesman out of Texas.

And some of these 25 characters supported the US racket for 30-40 years before they saw the light brought on by retirement or demotion. While I believe humans can have a sudden moment of discovery - it's just too convenient there's so many "qualified" folks these days having multiple epiphanies.

Caution - the powers that be have the power to create "movements" for your entertainment and containment. I would say more but ... so many fruitcakes ... so little time.

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