Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Notes From 2007

1. Morons believe Benazir Bhutto died for democracy or her people. She died because the global ruling class no longer had a use for her, and she didn't have enough sense to see it.

2. Believe that there's a political "left" in America.

3. Believe anyone really cares if Kerry won 2004 by a landslide.

4. Believe Ron Paul is an advocate for the common man.

5. Believing millions of illegal immigrants cause no harm to American society and resources. Oh, excuse me, there are no illegal humans - it's undocumented workers - even if millions in the barrios are not working.

6. Believing life-long establishment types are now one of us and come to help (Wilson/Plame, Ricardo Sanchez, Gore, Sy Hersh, Ron Paul, Kucinich, Nader, Jimmy Carter, Paul Craig Roberts, Jack Murtha, Dan Rather, ex-CIA agents, retired generals, etc. etc. etc.)

7. Believing Joe Blow don't want no stinkin' empire because the rest of the world wants to share resources, that the world is or wants to be socialist and spread the wealth around to all 6+ billion; the whole world wants to live as one, except the US.

8. Believing the price of a politician's haircut ever had meaning.

9. Believing polls are valid indicators of anything other than public gullibility.

10. Believing tobacco is bad but marijuana is good. Believing we must have a tobacco free world but arsenic in water, gasses in the air, and feces in food are unavoidable.

11. Morons believe they know what the whole world wants and needs but don't know their own neighbors (often don't know their own family).

12. People who don't own a pot to piss in or window to throw it from but believe the housing bubble and credit crunch has hit them hardest because bloggers tell them such nonsense.

13. The alleged public outcry of "waterboarding" is unacceptable torture performed by monsters - yet Andrea Yates, Susan Smith, Lisa Diaz, Lashaun Harris, etc. drown their children and public pathos call it the blues.

14. Believe that Jews run the world when it's blue-blooded white folks with Jewish accountants (Anglo bloodline is still the deciding factor when it comes to global power).

15. Fat, unhealthy, dumb as dirt Americans believe they used to be healthy, wealthy and wise, pre-BushCo.

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