Friday, January 04, 2008

Huckabama TV

Obama wins Iowa. Huckabee wins Iowa. The powers that be certainly put on a good show huh? A Bible thumping guitar playin' white man from Hope, Arkansas and a smooth wet-behind-the-ears Black man. The fat lady hasn't sang yet, but Hollywood couldn't have written this episode of the Race For the White House any better.

(Has anyone investigated Chicago Obama's connections to Tony Rezko and Nadhmi Auchi? Sometimes ya gotta wonder which foreign power brokers pay who to help bring about the new world the billionaires are paid to bring about. But - I guess the campaign laws are too severe for anyone to do anything illegal, right?)

Now, I know I was gone and missed a couple of weeks but when did Rudy sink? Thank goodness he did - the creepster could play a pedophile on Law & Order, costarring with also-a-loser Fred Thompson. Stabler and Olivia would collar Rudy as the perp in a New York minute.

How and why Mitt is still in the race begs amazement. I've yet to hear Romney sound intelligent, even though he may be. His off the cuff answers are almost as stumbled and stuttered as GW. And a Mormon? Please, do Romney backers not have a clue as to what Joe Average Christian voter thinks of the Mormon religion?

I also wouldn't be surprised if Mitt were caught performing Marie Osmond in drag. The guy is too clean-cut; I can smell his expensive shaving soap through the television. Mitt is to Republicans what Johnny Edwards is to Democrats - Breckish boyish, a coxcomb.

While everyone has ranted Hillary is headed for the White House I wrestle with the idea. I won't believe it until I see Hillary giving an inaugural speech. Same with Obama.

Huckabee, is favored by the Christian right; a Baptist preacher from the most ignorant state in the union - folks in Missouri and Tennessee often say "thank God for Arkansas." (Sometimes it's thank God for Kentucky.) If it's a mini-Armageddon the ruling class want - Huckabee may be the man.

Although a power anxious postmenopausal female or a Black avid poker playing hope hawker would also work well to take a fall for the ruling class. I cringe to hear Obama described as a stud (mostly by white women) - he's too stringy - now Denzel is a stud. Did you see Den's butt in the Steve Biko film? Isn't it comforting to know some vote not their fears - but for sex appeal?

Yech, reminds me of folks in 2000 who thought George W. was sexy. Yech yech yech.

Must be hard for the ruling class to find a godly family man yet with just the right amount of sexual attraction. John Kennedy, Willie Clinton, Boy Bush - none appeal to me but there's no explaining taste. Ugly Nixon served to take folks political naivete. Granddaddy Reagan shipped off our economic base with a pat on the head and rosy chuckle and said Americans were lazy union workers wanting so much money that corporations couldn't survive, and welfare queens were driving Cadillacs and America into the poorhouse.

Is it true Huck had a $30,000 gastric bypass to lose that 100+ pounds? Is he bulimic? Will he install a vomitorium in the White House?

In the last 3 decades only 2 Iowa caucus winners have went on to become presidents - George W. and Jimmah Carter. Not a good omen.

I'm a little surprised John McCain hasn't done better. Maybe it's his grimace, that look of battling demons - or maybe it's acid reflux.

I mentioned back in September to "Expect the next prez to be another Republican. Why? I dunno - maybe subconsciously sheople prefer wickedness in their face (Rep) rather than behind their back (Dem)."

Front, back, front, back, which way do ya want it this time.

The corn-fed folks of Iowa have spoken. They want a not too handsome father figure with one hand on a Bible to battle the jihadists while jonesing for fried chicken and big farm aid bills. Or a smooth Black man, but not too Black, and somewhat privileged himself and sympathetic to the upper class, yet familiar with the criminal mind from rubbing Chicago's political machine.

But wait - stay tuned for the next episode when folks at the diner in New Hampshire pick a pol who will bring change, bring integrity to the White House, and unite us ..... wait a minute, is this a re-run?

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