Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy Same Ol' Same Ol'

Shortly after KAB began, 3 years ago this month, I was asked to write for liberal/progressive publications and/or sites. The requests came for 3 reasons - KAB was bashing Bush, bashing Bush, bashing Bush.

(The first KAB post joked about propaganda for hire.)

As I'm not seeking fame and I don't need their money - I'm not interested in writing in support of the "left" or "right". I knew when I added democrats/progressives to the shitlist, those folks would hurry off pronto, and they did ... some pissed, some perplexed judging by subsequent emails.

And yes, I still try to believe in the overused chant that the Internet is gonna spread the truth far and wide (even tho I'm pretty sure it's false hope).

There's another worn out phrase - "things you won't hear from the mainstream media", although the "things" more or less are coming through the backdoor from MSM, such as Out There TV, distributed by America One Television Network, which is owned by USFR Media Group who's founder and CEO is Texas good ol' oil boy Greg Brown, yada yada, you know "alternative programming" to give you the news you've been missing.

Better yet - those "alternative" voices create foundations or "institutes" and make a very good income selling their theories and/or chicken-little. Fear or feel-good philosophy works well, but fear usually sells better - David Icke reptilians, Alex Jones' planet of prisoners, white power, Budweiser survivalist sites, jihad sites, find answers and get help from ancient gods and UFOs, the Mayan 2012 calendar folks, the answer is within let Dr. Knowall teach you how to listen to the inner you for only $$$$ a year, all the Nostradamus you need to know, and folks waiting for Bill Haley Bee Bopp and his comet or Jesus second coming for the nth time. The ohmmmmmatologists or ohmygodologists. (See Out There TV "affiliates.")

There are a few high profile voices out there who scold both sides of the aisle, and then eventually choose one side or the other (the lesser of 2 evils blah blah). For some on the "left" the height of protest is to call for support of the Green Party, Nader, Ron Paul, Kucinich, the Libertarians, etc., cajoling you with "vote your conscience not your fear" and similar catchy flatulence as they are merely farting around with the idea of political change. And then the "lefts" such as Nader, Kucinich etc. call for support of the lesser of 2 evils, blah blah blah.

And there are those famous left-leaning pillars of academic wisdom - historians, philosophers - but you never really know who they support or vote for, or if they even bother to vote - they're sort of above it all and hand down their analyses, like giant parent birds dropping crumbs in the wide-open gullets of their baby birds. These intellectual activists do nothing to counteract the established corrupted system of government - however, they keep you busy swallowing between elections. Their supporters say these wise ones need not provide remedy - just analytic enlightenment. God where's the hemlock when we need it.

Then there are truth peddlers like Mike Ruppert, recovering from his wilderness in Caracas and Canada, thanks to your outpouring of donations. Or the equally hilarious Daily Kos - described by the right/republicans as the blog of the "angry left."

The angry left has led Kos to romp at conventions with wild-mannered mad men such as Henry Reid, Wesley Clark, Howard Dean, Dick Durbin, Obama - these "Kossacks," as they call themselves, seek to debunk the angry left label - preferring instead to be known as moderates or progressives; DK is touted as the movers and shakers of progressive politics, although Kossacks couldn't get the cable guy Ned Lamont elected over Joe Lieberman.

And there's some place called Democratic Underground, the name sounds "leftish" but it too is politics as usual - although it may be what you need to feel special, a rebel with a cause. DU, just another mainstream site yet billed as underground - a word which suggests subversion, the resistance and Molotov cocktails - but not at all, DU is totally above ground and lobs only email or donations at politicians.

They all really think for themselves, they say so often.

How many ways can I say it - America does not have a "left" or a people's party. Has not had even the semblence of a "left" since the first half of the last century when the Socialist Party fielded their own candidates for show and backed democrats in elections. Today what calls itself "left" or progressive, has far less unity or support than the "leftists" of the last century. (Bernie Sanders is a democrat in the millionaire club, no matter how often the establishment "left" calls Bernie a socialist).

I have asked why many times. Why, if there are so many progressives in politics, why do they have so little effect on bettering life for Joe Blow. Following are a few thoughts.

First, and most important, is the "left" in America comes from a wealthy Caucasian viewpoint, and money will always walk hand in hand with the status quo. Geezus, the white "left" is still yammering about a Kerry landslide as if Joe Blow cares. Please take the scraps and leave quietly; your leaders will win for you next time. How many Blacks give a damn about Kerry, as if a Kerry White House would be any different than what we have now. No wonder women and Blacks were given voting rights; the ballot doesn't change the status quo; the idea that it does is an illusion.

Minority voices reflect Anglo causes and crusades. Black progressives reflect white progressive thought because Blacks depend on liberal whites to include them on the roster. Today, we have no unifying Black leader or Black movement to address the problems of Black America - there are simply a few Black folks in white "movements." (Republicans have adopted and groomed their own Black actors for the "conservative" stage.)

(Note: World leaders practice some form of left/right "democracy." Even the Saudi government holds elections for municipal councils. But it has been a generational task for Anglo dominance to force the global village into various forms of representative "democracy" and the "free market" mentality, to compete and kill for those empty Coca Cola bottles which fall from the sky; convince the survivors life will go better with Coke; that both left and right Anglos want one world harmony, for a global culture of unbridled Coca Cola sales, euphemistically speaking. Send an agreeable chief to represent your plundered village please.)

American Latinos are not as "liberal/left" as Democrats/progressives want to believe. One obvious reason is pigmentation. Simple fact - the majority of Latinos (particularly whiter-skinned) feel superior to Black America and identify themselves with religious, straight, conservative white America. They seek liberal support for uncontrolled immigration and social programs of benefit - but that's about all. Recall, you witnessed huge Latino marches regarding the immigration issue, much less involvement in anti-war protests. There is not a loud Latino cry against BushCo. Conservative machismo is alive and well in America's Latino community.

America's "left" still believe they have the support of American Jews. Just because socialist-leaning Jews fled Europe to become very wealthy and powerful in America, does not mean Jews still support liberals or Democrats. Simply because 2 New York Jews were murdered in Mississippi in 1964 with Black civil rights worker James Chaney, doesn't mean the Jewish population supports Black America. American Jews have gained their acceptance. When was the last show of unity between Blacks and Jews? - Not since at least 1984 when Jesse Jackson referred to New York as "Hymie Town" - which is only a glimmer of what is said in private. (Of course there is anti-racist Tim Jacob Wise, a Jew who often writes eloquent excuses in-defense-of Black-folks; and correctly refers to himself a "privileged son". He hasn't dismantled institutionalized racism yet ... but activism takes a lifetime of book deals and the lecture circuit; you might say Tim's a likable defender of social offenders; an apologist, explaining why Blacks fail - because of entrenched white privilege, etc. Gee, thanks Tim.)

We're not likely to see Jesse and Sharpton supping with the iconic Jew, Elie Weisel, an industrious little racist who has convinced many he's "one of the world's leading moral voices" against racism, while he actively supports Palestinian genocide.

Furthermore, American Gays are not as liberal as the "left"makes them out to be, which is why 9 out of 10, loitering in public toilets or paging boys, are republican politicians. The number of Gays in America is debated constantly - is it 10+ percent of the population or 2 percent or 5? Regardless, fact is, wealthier gays, like wealthier Jews, have one goal - social acceptance - after that they will support status quo government (big business over little people).

(Note: Gay liberation has helped innumerable heterosexual males realize their fantasy of watching 2 girls on one another as the practice seems quite acceptably trendy these days.)

Do-gooders (funded), feminists, environmentalists, animal rights activists, the "poor," the bent, the straight, the concerned "leftist" millionaires and billionaires, the special left interests, and their aging philosophers - make noise and retreat as soon as they receive federal funds, federal grants, book royalties, or government check or contracts - cyclical noise, just before the next round of appropriations, earmarks, handouts, fundraisers, trade deals, book deals.

The "left" or progressive has stereotyped themselves. They assume if you are gay or Jewish or Black or a nature lover or Latino or anti-war or feminist then you're probably a member of their team. A mistake some have made regarding KAB.

They assume I bow before a document they continuously venerate as their holy grail - the U.S. Constitution - as if Joe Blow can do no better than that old slave owning, warmongering, genocidal elitist document that wealthy white men protected their property with 200 some years ago.

The American "left" serves to give the appearance of "dissent" without real progress for we the people, which is, of course, the preferred centuries old controlled capital. Those who consider themselves modern "dissidents" (predominantly white folks) are dabblers; discussing a global working class united to create socialism - which, by definition, is already here.

Socialism, where the collective, or government, determines production and distributes the goods.

Through history it's pretty much been the same "collective" doing the determining and distributing. Joe Average is still a serf grubbing for small potatoes to eat in front of his HDTV.

Joe Average fooled again, and again and again.

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Kathy said...

Ah yes - the first KAB post . . . when I first discovered this blog, there was a year’s worth (maybe more) of posts which I caught up on. Every now and then during these readings, I would think, “they hired her” - but the “they” was contradictorily labeled. I have since adopted the phrase and use it to characterize anyone’s opinions I disagree with. Gracias KAB!

There are few self-described truth sites that are of any benefit other than to corral the malcontents into cyber prisons. Truth, as a public service, exists in minute portions. Saviors are a dime a dozen. With few exceptions (and KAB is one) alternative news and analysis is hopelessly reflective of the top 3 opinions of 100 above-average Jo(e)’s surveyed on their way to salt mines. We’ll never get out from under the yoke at this rate.

Continued good hunting to KAB in the New Year!

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